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2013 Myshuno! Card & Master List

As with years past, I picked one prompt from everyone who prompted (thanks for all the great ideas!), and then fleshed the card out with other prompts that spoke to me.

I'll also be using this as the master lists of all the prompts for this challenge.  It's much easier for me to keep track of them this way.

Prompt #1: Baby boom (grilledfortune)
Prompt #2: Susan's parents worry about her first day at school (katee412)
Prompt #3: Aunt Dotty (rosefyre)
Prompt #4: Someone accused of being a socialist/communist (leilia)
Prompt #5: Seeing a TV for the first time (biglenny)
Prompt #6: Appearing on the Ed Sullivan show (lauriempress)
Prompt #7: Going back to homemaking after working in a factory (esmeiolanthe)
Prompt #8: "What have you done?!" (katrisims)
Prompt #9: Using the G.I. Bill (ezana325)
Prompt #10: "The day Sims walk on the moon is the day pigs fly." (fuzzy_spork)
Prompt #11: Rosalie critiques her peers' parenting skills (lilycobalt)
Prompt #12: "I don't want to end up like my parents." (superfr0g)
Prompt #13: The Hollywood blacklist (jens_sims)
Prompt #14: Matthew time travels to 2013 (docnerd)
Prompt #15: Putting posters of movie stars on the wall (peasant007)
Prompt #16: "Why is it so hard to TALK to you?" (smoothiesims)
Prompt #17: They call it Rock and Roll (leilia)
Prompt #18: Going to a sock hop! (fuzzy_spork)
Prompt #19: "Back in MY day..." (mzyra)
Prompt #20: Sakura and Danny and their kids on a visit to Japan (penguingirl03)
Prompt #21: Rosalie aghast at "children now a days" (katee412)
Prompt #22: "Daddy? How did you and mommy meet?" (jens_sims)
Prompt #23: MFin' ELVIS! (docnerd)
Prompt #24: The civil rights movement (lilycobalt)

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