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The Geography of New Simland

As those of you who have ready my legacy know, it is based loosely on the history of the United States. When John Bradford, the founder, immigrated at the beginning of the story, he landed in what was known as New Simland, which is New England’s parallel. Specifically, he landed in what would be considered Massachusetts (aka Massimchusetts). The states have names that evoke their origins, like Massimchusetts and South Simolina, but the cities and towns have completely different names. I wanted to give my towns their own identities, which is why they have no real namesakes. Their locations, however, are rooted in fact.

Massachusetts/Massimchusetts was made up of many colonies, or companies, that were granted charters by the King. Eventually, they were all brought together into one colony by the King in the late 1600s/early 1700s. John Bradford lands in approximately 1720, not long after Massimchusetts became one united colony.

While Boston is well-known as a major port city, there were many other major ports along the Massachusetts coast. One of them is Salem, better known for the witch trials. In fact, Salem was probably the second-largest port for a time and a capitol of one of colonies prior to the merger. Simsfield, where John Bradford landed and the Bradford household is located, is based on a city like Salem. Governor Gavigan was in charge of the smaller colony, and he remained in charge of that area after the merger.

South and slightly west of Simsfield is the city of Portsimouth, which is based on Boston. It is the capitol of Massimchusetts, and a major center for commerce, culture, and education. It took the residents of Simsfield about a day to travel their by carriage. When the railroad went through, the journey now took only a few hours.

The University where the male decedents go is based on the oldest University in the US, Harvard. SimHarvard is located just to the north of Portsimouth, as Harvard is located in Cambridge just to the north and across the river from Boston. This makes for easy excursions into the city, and affords the men the opportunity to call upon the young ladies who are attending Mrs. Seymour’s Finishing School.

Mrs. Seymour’s is located in Portsimouth proper, near the public gardens and the library (yes, it is really its own college town, but in my mind, it’s downtown). Mrs. Seymour’s is not a true college, but rather what was known as a “female seminary.” Young women from families who could afford it were often sent to these seminaries to learn various “feminine arts,” such as household management, cooking, and flower arranging. While New Simland, like New England, was a little more forward thinking regarding the education of women, it didn’t allow them to attend “real college” for some time. The women of Generation 5 will have the opportunity to attend SimRadcliffe, a parallel to Radcliffe, Harvard’s college for women.

This generation, there will be a few members who elect to “Go West.” I have yet to figure out exactly where that is and what it means, but as Westward Expansion was a big part of the country’s history, it feels necessary that one of two of the Bradfords would ride off into the sunset to seek their fortunes.


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Apr. 3rd, 2010 12:09 pm (UTC)
I certainly didn't start out like this, but it's evolved with the story. It helps for me to know what's where for story purposes.

I think I am going to use the shopping district as my "Old West." Just trying to find some community lots to download so that I don't have to do a ton of building.
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