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Myshuno Prompt #20: The greatest generation

Prompt: The greatest generation (mzyra)
Characters: Unknown member of generation 9 (aka a yet-to-be-born grandchild of Nick & Alice)
Rating: G
Summary: A future Bradford writes a report for school.
Notes: The name I picked may or may not be used in the legacy; I just needed a placeholder of sorts for the purpose of the drabble. For purposes of this drabble, the writer of the drabble is in high school. Canon, and does contain some spoilerish stuff.
Word Count: 319

Excerpts from a school report entitled The Greatest Generation by Jill Bradford

My grandma and grandpa are considered part of the Greatest Generation, the one that grew up during the Great Depression and then came of age in the shadow of the Second World War. Their story is one of courage and sacrifice, of pain and passion. If they hadn’t stepped up to answer the call in our nation’s hour of need, the world today would be a very different place.

My Grandpa Nick was a doctor during the war, but I don’t know a whole lot about what he did and where he was. I do know that from commendation letters she showed me from his military files that he was very good at his job, and there are many men from around the country who owe him their lives. It’s nice to know that a relative of mine had such a profound impact on so many.

My Grandma Alice was busy on the home front raising my father and helping my great-grandparents with their victory garden and by supporting the various material drives that went on. It was her job to make the ration coupons stretch to meet the needs of the family. My great-grandma Cindy had been a singer in her youth, and she put her talent to good use at concerts to raise money to buy war bonds, and Grandma Alice accompanied her on the piano.

Grandma Alice doesn’t like the title of “greatest generation.” She says that she and everyone else she grew up with just did what they had to do to win the war, and that anyone else would have done the same thing in the same circumstances. But I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t know if I could do what she and my Grandpa Nick did, and I’m glad they were there to answer the call when it came.

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