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Myshuno Prompt #22: "Oversexed, overpaid, and over here."

Prompt: “Oversexed, overpaid, and over here.” (dicreasy)
Characters: Nick, Walter
Rating: PG
Summary: Walter and Nick have an unexpected reunion.
Notes: Canon-ish. What does that mean? Well, it fits into the basic outline for what I have planned, but I’m not sure if this scene will actually take place. Therefore, canon-ish.
Word Count: 710

Walter winced as the nurse gently pressed an ice pack to his swollen eye.

“Do it yourself, then,” she snapped, dropping the ice pack into his lap and turning away abruptly.

Walter would have ordinarily made a smart remark in return, but his jaw ached from where the Tommy’s fist had connected with it. He picked up the bundle and gingerly put it to his eye, trying not to make a noise as the coldness of the pack touched his tender skin.

The nurse turned around. “The doctor will be in momentarily to check you out. That cut will probably need stitches.”

Walter nodded. “Why are you being so snippy with me?”

“I don’t have time for you GIs and your antics, that’s why.”

“For your information, ma’am, I’m an MP,” he replied, turning his shoulder so she could see the insignia on his uniform. “It’s my job to stop the GIs and their antics, and that’s how this happened.”

She gave him an incredulous look.

“Seriously.” He reached into the front left pocket of his uniform, his face twisting into a grimace as the pain in his chest went from a dull ache to a sharp stab, and pulled out the snapshot of Shirley he carried there. “This is my girl back home. She’d skin me alive if she even thought I was looking twice at a Simlish girl.”

The nurse’s face soften as she examined the picture Walter held out to her. “She’s very pretty. I’m sorry for being rude. It’s just that I spend more time patching up you GIs from fistfights and brawls because they’ve got nothing better to do with their time.”

“Well, I spend my time trying to stop those brawls, so I know some of what you’re feeling. This is the worst one I’ve seen yet though.”

The nurse nodded as the door opened. “I’ve got bad news, Sergeant. You’ve got a cracked rib…” he trailed off as he saw who was sitting on the examination table

Walter looked up with a smile when he recognized the voice. “Of all the doctors I could have gotten, it had to be you, didn’t it, Nick?”

The blond man smiled as he recognized his friend. “I’d give you a hug, but I think that would probably make your situation worse. How have you been?” he asked as he stuck out his hand.

“I’ve had better days,” Walter admitted. “A cracked rib, huh? How long’s that going to lay me up?”

“A few weeks at least, more if you don’t follow orders to take it easy.”

Walter smirked. “I outrank you, Corporal.”

“For now. I’m hoping for a promotion as soon as the paperwork for my M.D. goes through.”

“Doctor?” the nurse interrupted. “I think the cut by his eye is going to need stitches.”

Nick nodded, his face all business. “Right. Let me have a look. Yes, you’re going to need stitches. Can you get me a suture kit, please?”

The nurse nodded and exited the room.

“I can’t promise that it won’t leave a scar.”

“S’okay. I know you’ll do your best.”

“Can I ask how this happened?”

“Well, a couple of GIs were having a little too much fun with a couple of pretty cute Simlish girls, and the Tommies at the next table didn’t like it too much. By the time I got there with my men, the whole pub was involved. I tell you, Nick, I know they need the soldiers here to build up for the invasion, but they’re doing nothing but causing trouble now.”

Nick nodded. “They’re in here all the time getting patched up. The Simlish don’t like it much; I’m sure you’ve heard them call us ‘oversexed, overpaid, and over here.’”

Walter laughed, then groaned with the pain it caused him. “Next time they do that, remind them that they’re undersexed, underpaid, and under OUR general, Eisimhower.”

It was Nick’s turn to laugh as the nurse returned. “I also brought the compression bandages to wrap his chest up.”

“Thank you. Now, Walter, do you want some local anesthetic to numb where I’m going to suture?”

Walter nodded. “As long as you don’t tell anyone that I asked for it. I’ve got a reputation to maintain, you know.”

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