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Chapter 28 Picspam – Part II

Okay, round two of picspam from the last “regular” chapter. Enjoy pictures from college and the main household.


Poor Alice gets bored easily while filming.

Alice is happy, because everyone is eating the grilled cheese she makes.

Alice meets the campus streaker while she conjures grilled cheese.

Too much cheese is not good for the waistline, so Alice spends some time at the ballet bar. Because she’s got an important scene to film shortly.

Nick’s fan club grows.

Engagement spam!


Close up of Alice’s new engagement ring. It’s very pretty.

Walter is Not Impressed by something.

For those who were wondering, Rosalie was the one to propose to Bruce.

Time for Alice to become an adult.

Eh, I’ve seen worse.

Two Jameses? Yeah, is it any wonder why I think rebuilding is a good idea?

Oh, Nick. Your grow up outfit is terrible.

Bradford House

Further proof that Cindy likes her new coat, and that she isn’t bothered in the least by James going bald.

Alice really liked her wedding look.

Cyrus, do not let your wife or brother see you doing that.

For the record, Bruce is heart-farting Alice there.

Not to be outdone, Rosalie decides to ask Nick to call her, maybe. :P

Danny and Dotty are not usually this in sync. Too funny.

Alice liked her wedding dress so much, she didn’t want to take it off for any reason.

Eventually, she did though.

Alice all made over. I think she looks awesome.

She’s settling in to the house quite nicely.


But Nick hasn’t moved out of the house, as Alice wants everyone to know.

Alice is now busy making grilled cheese for her new family.

And generation 8 is on its way!

The happy couple.

That’s enough picspam for now. When all the war chapters are done I’ll post a behind the scenes/picspam for the whole era. Back to working on writing for a bit.


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Feb. 27th, 2013 11:06 pm (UTC)
It is so easy to keep grilled cheese sims happy, isn't it? As long as they make a plate every day and you have everyone else eat it, they're totally fine.

The ring = definitely very pretty.

Yeah, I've definitely seen worse. Not Alice, not 1940s, but I would totally be willing to live with that in an apoc. And yes, Nick definitely did worse.

That picture is definitely James going "Cindy is hot in that new coat I bought her!"
Feb. 27th, 2013 11:17 pm (UTC)
It really is, though want filling gets monotonous after a while. But she's eaten her 200 sandwiches now, so the family can have a little variety in meals from here on out.

Thanks...I'm especially proud of that ring.

Alice did okay. Pink doesn't exactly suit her as she's a redhead, but I could have lived with that outfit. Nick & his wifebeater with the OFB booted pants was not at all him.

Yeah, James and Cindy both very much approve of me installing ACR...and as free will was off when I was filming, there was a LOT of heart-farting.
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