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An Old Fashioned Trailer Park Challenge – Grand Finale

“You! Creator lady! Have you had enough of torturing me?”

Never, Matthew. Never.

Welcome to the grand finale of the Bradford Trailer Park Challenge. We have our final heir, and now we just need to wait for him to become an adult, and it’s all over! But first, another detour to one of the spare households.

Remember Annabelle, the son of Linda’s dalliance with Sinjin Couderc? Well, I decided to be nice and let her have her baby, so she wouldn’t be perma-preggers.

It’s a boy! This is Jerry Lee Bradford (because I was dumb and forgot to have Gavin and Annabelle get married before the kid was born). He’s a Sagittarius (3/4/10/10/7). And this will be the last you’ll see of him.

Back to the main trailer park!

Clyde won the heirship by a slim margin, so there are 8 days to play before he becomes and adult and the challenge is over.

Gracelyn is 2 days away from growing up and getting the heck out of the trailer, and she’s been rubbing it in her siblings faces.

Like mother…

…like son. :)

With just a few days left, it’s time to load the dogs up with Kibble of Life. Lepus has had these two dogs since he took over as heir.

Gracelyn becomes an adult.

She’s pretty much grown into her features, thank goodness.

And, because I am nice, I grew her boyfriend Ricky Cormier up as well.

Because Gracelyn is Romance/Family, she had the want and the fear to get engaged to Ricky. The want won out.

And then the cops showed up and broke the party up (no fruit punch barrel, so it doesn’t count).

Gracelyn moved into her own place, moved Ricky in, and they got married.

Their new place has a hot tub. Let’s leave them alone for a while.

Poor Earl’s lack of wants that I can fill by having others interact with him have left him a bit addles.

But he brought Ginger Newson home from school, and they hit it off.

Quite well in fact.

And because this is a TPC challenge, Floyd decided to give Ginger a go as well.

But it’s hard to hate Ginger when she cleans the dog dishes for you.

The fridge needed food, so to the fishing pond it is!

I grew Ginger up, and invited her over the night that Earl was due to grow up.

Not bad, Earl.

I spoke too soon.

Be quiet, Floyd. If you were to grow up right now, you’d not be doing any better.

Aw, my first aspiration desperation of the challenge!

Because we had the lamp, and because he wanted to make a wish, I let Earl wish for Peace of Mind.

With that and a little magic from ACR, Earl is doing much better.

Earl moved out of the trailer and into the crowded Newson home where he promptly popped the question.

So Earl and Ginger are now married.

It’s the final yard sale. I’m a little sad. It got all the way up to a level 7 business!

Lepus cashes out the last customer just after sunset. We did good, making close to $800.

The cash enabled me to buy a game system for Clyde, who wanted one. Starved off aspiration failure for another day.

Poor Floyd likes the hot tubs a little too much.

The dogs aren’t the only ones who like the water wiggler.

Clyde wakes up the morning of his adult birthday, excited. He knows that good things will happen soon.

I decided to throw a party, complete with pizza and a fruit punch barrel.

Earl, it’s not a secret that your mom did your sister’s husband.

Ready to do this, Clyde?

Oh, gosh. Good thing I already bought an alternate set of adult clothes for you, Clyde.

Poor Clyde. You barely managed not to go into aspiration failure when you grew up. I know what will cheer you up!

As Clyde is bi, I clicked “I’m desperate and I don’t care!” on the buyable crystal ball, and this gentleman is the first one who came up. This is Clarence Philippine, and he’s one of the AL Gearheads. He’s also a Family Sim, and I think he and Clyde will hit it off nicely.

Oh yeah. They’re getting along just fine.

Because Clyde is awesome, and because he wanted to, I let him propose to Clarence.

They had a lovely sunset ceremony. And you won’t believe it but…

…Yup, Clarence thinks he’s marrying into a rich family!

So that’s it. The challenge is over. The only thing left to do is add up the points.


Weddings and Parties
Weddings with fruit punch barrel: +3
Non-wedding parties: +8
Parties broken up by cops: +16
Heir that marries when baby bump is showing: +6
Baby born before wedding party is over: +5
Weddings and Parties Subtotal: 38

Raising Them Up
Legitimate pregnancies: +18
Illegitimate pregnancies: +15
Alien pregnancies: +10
2 dogs on lot at all times: +10
Dogs adopted from strays: +1
Puppies born: +2
Raising Them Up Subtotal: 56

Home Sweet Home
Trailers on lot: +30
Pickups on lot: +6
Junk cars on lot: +6
Fixed up junk cars: +2
Home Sweet Home Subtotal: 44

Money for Nothin’
Less than $1,000 in bank account at end: +10 ($74 left, baby!)
Money for Nothin’ Subtotal: 10


So, that’s all there is, except for a picture of Lepus kicking Matthew’s grave. I hope you enjoyed this little challenge. Soon, back to your regular scheduled Legacy!
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