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Simspiration Responce - Wednesday 4/21

I posted this over on Simspiration, but thought I'd share it here as well.

SimSpiration 4/21: Talk to Me

Philomena Bradford’s sympathetic green eyes surveyed her older sister. They weren’t that far apart in age, but Henrietta seemed much, much older as of late. Despite Henri’s insistence that she was happy and everything was fine, Phily knew better.

“Henri, you can snow Mama and Papa all you want, but this is me. Your sister. We used to stay up all night sharing our dreams, but now,” the younger woman paused before continuing, “now I feel like we’re perfect strangers sometimes.”

Henri’s brown eyes filled with tears at her sister’s words. “Sometimes I think that I don’t even know myself any more,” she whispered.

“Oh, Henri,” sighed Phliy, taking her sister’s hands in hers. “Don’t bear your burdens alone. Talk to me. Please. I may not be able to solve your problems, but I’ll certainly try.:

Henri was silent for a long time, lost in thought. “I hardly know where to start. I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed in my when you hear my story of how I got here.”

“Henri, do you remember what you told me before you left for Mrs. Seymour’s?”

“’Sisters are forever,’” the elder one replied with a watery smile.

“Exactly. Nothing you tell me will change that. Now, what’s going on?”

Henri nodded. “I just wanted someone to like me,” she began.

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