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Myshuno! Prompt #3: Aunt Dotty

Prompt: Aunt Dotty (rosefyre)
Characters: Alice, Peggy, mentions of Dotty
Rating: G
Summary: Peggy wants to know more about her favorite aunt.
Notes: Canon.  May appear in a future chapter, so can be considered a spoiler, but not too big of one.
Word Count: 538

Peggy sat at the table in the kitchen, swinging her feet as she colored in her book while Alice bustled about making supper.

“Mom?  When is Aunt Dotty coming home?”

Alice looked up from the carrots she was chopping.  “Next week.  Why?”

“I miss her.”

Alice repressed a snort.  “I think you like her because she always lets you eat as many cookies as you want when you visit her.”

Peggy shrugged.  “Aunt Dotty’s house is fun.  She has all kinds of neat from all the places she’s visited, and she tells me stories about them.  Plus, we look at her picture books.”

“Aunt Dotty does like to take lots of photographs.”

“And it’s fun to look at them.  Where did she go this time?”

“She went to Calsimfornia.  Your dad’s picking her up at the airport.”

“I wonder what she’s bringing me for a present.”

This time Alice did laugh.  “Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll love it.  You always do.”

Peggy went back to her coloring and Alice to her cooking.  Once Alice had the chicken in the oven to roast, Peggy looked up again.

“Mom?  Why isn’t Aunt Dotty married?”

“Why do you ask dear?”

“You’re married to Dad.  Grandpa is married to Grandma.  Uncle Danny is married to Aunt Sakura.  Why isn’t Aunt Dotty married to someone?”

Alice hesitated, not quite sure how to answer her daughter’s question.  Even after all these years, Edward was still a very touchy subject for Dotty.  She went and sat next to her daughter, and began to color with her.

“Aunt Dotty was married, sweetie.  You’ve seen her wedding picture, actually.  It’s on the wall in her house, in the living room.”

Peggy face scrunched up in thought.  “So she is married.”

“Was, dear.  The man she married was named Edward, and he was a soldier in the army during the war.”

“Like Dad!”

“Yes, like your dad.  But he was actually fighting, and not helping the soldiers who were hurt.”

“What happened to him?” Peggy asked, her attention rapt.

Alice drew in a deep breath.  “He died, on D Day.”

Peggy’s lower lip trembled.  “Aunt Dotty must have been very sad.”

“She was very sad for a long time.  I’m sure she’s still a little sad sometimes.”

“Is that why she goes away so much?”

“It’s part of it.  Your Aunt Dotty always wanted to see the world, but after she met Edward she planned on doing it with him.  Making sure she sees all those places they wanted to visit together is her way of keeping his memory alive.”

“Do you think she might get married again?”

Alice shrugged.  “She might.  Or she might not.  And whatever she decides to do is okay.  She loved Edward a lot…”

“As much as you love Dad?”

“As much as I love your dad,” Alice agreed.  “And sometimes, people don’t get married again.”

Peggy scribbled on the page intently for a moment.  “Well, I think she should get married again.  Aunt Dotty is fun, and she should have someone else to love as much as you love Dad.”

Alice kissed her daughter on the head before getting up to check on dinner.  “I wish it was that simple, pumpkin.”


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Oct. 10th, 2013 05:25 am (UTC)
Awww. Poor Dotty - I'm glad she's getting some of what she wants out of life, but to be missing out on other things...that's gotta suck. She does have the option of remarrying, and maybe she'll find love again one day, but who knows? It's still got to be difficult in that very 1950s world where everyone else is neatly paired off and breeding like rabbits.
Oct. 10th, 2013 05:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Dotty's doing some stuff, but she's existing more than living, if that makes sense, and Peggy picked up on the fact that her aunt's not completely happy. I have plans for Dotty, but they're a little further down the road than this drabble.
Oct. 13th, 2013 06:22 pm (UTC)
You know, I kind of like that Dotty is taking time to heal after her husband's death.

Things are never simple, which is sort of sad.
Oct. 13th, 2013 11:37 pm (UTC)
Dotty is very right in taking her time after Edward's death. Their courtship and marriage was so whirlwind.

It's too bad for Dotty that it can't be as simple as Peggy makes it out to be.
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