SilverBelle (silverbelle1220) wrote,

*pokes head out*

So, yeah.

I've been quiet as of late, but I have good reasons.  I've started my internship, and it's draining me.  I get home, especially on nights that I have class after, and I just want to crawl into bed, so that's what I usually do.  Not much time for being online and such.

But I am working on chapter 30 (how did that happen?), and I'd like to get it out on Thanksgiving to keep up my "post a chapter on Turkey Day" tradition.  I've got my fingers crosses.  So I'm writing, and playing, and filming on my non-intern days, and things are on track.

I'm also (slightly) regretting making the choice to let ACR pick the number of kids the main family have.  Case in point, Rosalie & Bruce have 8 kids; Shirley & Walter have 1.  Since there are so many generation 8-ers running around, I'll probably post a who's who soon so that everyone can keep them somewhat straight (since even I can't remember all their names).

I think that's it.  Back to writing now.
Tags: bradford legacy: progress update
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