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Myshuno! Prompt #17: They call it Rock and Roll

Prompt: They call it Rock and Roll (leilia)
Characters: Alice, Rosalie
Rating: G
Summary: The “perks” of having teenage children.
Notes: Canon.  This probably won’t appear in a future chapter, so it’s an outtake.
Word Count: 280

“Remind me again why I agreed to do this, Alice,” Rosalie said as she watched the group of teenagers who were hovering over the punch bowl.

“Because you’re on the PTA just like I am, and we all agreed to help chaperone the high school dances this year.  Besides, the principal said that the only way Douglas could attend another sock hop was if you or Bruce chaperoned, since he always had to call you about something your son had done wrong.”

“Like spiking the punch bowl,” Rosalie muttered, her eyes not leaving the refreshment table.  “Still, I can think of better and quieter ways of spending my Friday evening.  Must they play the music so loudly?”

Alice shrugged as she tried very hard not to tap her feet in time to the music, something that Peggy had assured her would be so mortifying.  “It’s Rock and Roll music, Rosalie.  It’s meant to be loud.  I know my three don’t seem to play it at any other volume.  Drives Nick crazy.”

“I’m not even sure this qualifies as music, to be honest with you.  You can hardly dance to it.  Shoo, you three.  You’ve had enough punch for the moment.”

“It’s not all bad, Rosalie.  You should give it a chance.”

Rosalie sniffed.  “I don’t think so.  With any luck, my having to chaperone a dance or two will convince Douglas to behave himself, so he doesn’t have to suffer the humiliation of having his mother around.”

Alice didn’t say it, but she was pretty sure that any teenager would do whatever was required of them not to have their mom chaperone a dance, especially if that mother was Rosalie.
Tags: challenge: myshuno! 2013, character: alice, character: rosalie, prompt responce: writing, prompt: simspiration, story: bradford legacy
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