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Myshuno! Prompt #20: Sakura and Danny and their kids on a visit to Japan

Prompt: Sakura and Danny and their kids on a visit to Japan (penguingirl03)
Characters: Sakura Bradford, Danny Bradford, Susan Bradford, Michael Bradford, Jonathan Bradford
Rating: G
Summary: What the prompt says.
Notes: Canon.  This will probably only ever be a picspam (I do plan on sending this family to Takemizu at some point), so this is an outtake.
Word Count: 334

It was a trip that had been a long time coming.  After nearly twenty years, Sakura Bradford stepped back on to Simpanese soil, something she had been fairly certain she would never do again.  She and Danny had saved for this trip for years, and now that Susan was due to start college in the fall, they’d felt it was time for all three of their children to learn a bit more about their mother’s homeland.

“Wow,” Michael said as he took in the view from their hotel window.  “This is where you grew up, Mom?”

Sakura joined her son at the window.  “Yes, but the city was much different then.  I almost did not recognize it when we landed.  I wonder how much else has changed.”

Danny put a hand on his wife’s shoulder.  “I’m sure not all of it has changed.”

Sakura smiled sadly.  “I think it is I who have changed most of all.  What if I do not remember the tea ceremony, or the dances, or how to tie and obi for Susan’s kimono?  It has been so long since I have done any of these things.”

“It’ll be like riding a bike,” Danny argued.  “You haven’t spoken Simpanese in years, and that came right back to you.”

“Seriously, Mom,” Susan interjected.  “I didn’t realize that you were still so fluent.”

“It is the language I spoke for the first eighteen years of my life.”

“And the one that you’ve not used for nearly twenty.  I bet that you’ll remember all the other things you want to do too.”

“I do hope so.  I want my children to do the things I did in my youth, and to appreciate them the same way I did.”

“Okay then,” Danny said.  “Where to first?”

“Food!” insisted Michael and Jonathan.

“Sushi, right Mom?” Susan asked.

“Of course.  That is was this trip is all about; relearning and reexperiencing all the things that I loved as a child, and sharing them with my family.”
Tags: challenge: myshuno! 2013, character: daniel, character: jonathan, character: michael, character: sakura, character: susan, prompt responce: writing, prompt: simspiration, story: bradford legacy
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