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Myshuno! Prompt #23: MFin' ELVIS!

Prompt: MFin' ELVIS! (docnerd)
Characters: Alice Bradford, Shirley Gavigan
Rating: PG
Summary: Alice borrows her daughter’s records.
Notes: Canon.  This is probably not going to appear in any future chapter, so we’ll call it an outtake.
Word Count: 277

“Do your daughters know you steal their records when they’re away at school?”Shirley asked as she and Alice sat giggling on the floor of Peggy and Nettie’s room like they were teenagers themselves.

“I’m sure they suspect, but since I buy most of them in the first place they can’t really complain,” Alice said as she put the newest acquisition on the turntable and lowered the needle.

“Oh, I like this one,” Shirley said as she moved her head in time to the music.  “Who is it?”

“Elvis,” Alice said with a bit of a dreamy sigh.  She handed the album cover to Shirley, who let out a low whistle.

“Damn, he’s cute.  Not as cute as Walt, of course, but if I were fifteen years younger…”

“I know.  And when he does that thing with his hips, I get the vapors.  Sometimes, I wonder if I didn’t miss out on something by only ever crushing on Nick.”

“Nah, he’s a keeper.  A bit of a stick-in-the-mud as of late if you ask me, but still overall a good guy.”

“I’ve noticed that.  I think working at the hospital is really wearing on him.  I’d like to convince him to go into private practice, but I don’t know how to go about it.”

Shirley made an exaggerated thoughtful face.  “I’ll ask him about it.  He always went on about hanging out his own shingle when we were in college, so I’ll tease him about it taking so long.”

“That would be perfect.  Now, enough talking about my husband.  Wait until you hear the next song on this album.  I guarantee it will make even you swoon, Shirley.”
Tags: challenge: myshuno! 2013, character: alice, character: shirley, prompt responce: writing, prompt: simspiration, story: bradford legacy
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