SilverBelle (silverbelle1220) wrote,

SimStoCreMo - Week 3 Recap

One week left, and things are looking good.

1) To film and publish Parts 1 and 2 of my BRRL spare story for Desdemona (both are written and stand at 76 and 67 slides, respectively).
Done and done.

2) To finish writing and start filming Part 3 of the same story. It currently stands at 92 slides, with three more scenes to write (rough estimate is another 20-30 slides). Depending on how writing/filming goes, to get this published as well.
Filming is going well with Part 3.  I have 48 slides left to film, and the chapter will be 117 slides plus however many commentary slides I decide to add on at the end.  I'll be filming later today, and I have Sunday and Monday where I can film as well.  I'd like to get it done before next weekend, as I have a bunch of school stuff I need to get done then.

So yeah.  Things are good.  Off to fire up the game.
Tags: challenge: simstocremo 2014
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