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Jan. 2nd, 2017 10:14 pm (UTC)
I finally have a chance to read! Things have been super busy lately. But yay stories!

[Commenty]I'm a little amazed James and Cindy are still alive! They must've gotten a really long lifespan.

You're going for a Jackie O look with Mary, aren't you? Obviously she's no Jackie O, but the fashion suits her.

And there James goes. :( It was time though.

Poor Rosalie. Life did not turn out how she expected, did it? But you really had to have someone go to Vietnam, and her kids made the most sense.

Greggory = very cute. And it looks like you finally got rid of that mouth!

I don't blame Mary for her wants, but going after Steven was not a good way to do it. Though she's not wrong that Steven would be good in politics - because he really does want what's best for everyone. But if it doesn't make him happy...

Good on Cindy for telling Alice, though. Someone needs to know what's really going on with Mary.

And we've lost Cindy as well. :(

Not long left to go - you've got a kid for an heir! Can't wait to see how you finish your current plotline and wrap things up!
Jan. 28th, 2017 12:06 am (UTC)
Yay comment!

Well, James has been in my game IRL since 2011 (five years – holy cow). So no wonder it feels like forever. I think the ages may have gotten a bit messed up with the rebuild, but it was nice to have them around as long as they were.

Yeah, Mary is going for the Jackie O look, and it works with her pushing Steven into politics. Plus, I think style suits her.

I hate losing the elder generation, but it was time.

No, Rosalie’s life was not what she thought it was going to be. I did kind of have to have someone go to Vietnam, and with 10 kids…the odds were not in her favor.

Greggory is adorable! I’m not sure about the mouth, but Jan’s genetic influence on the family may finally be gone. Huzzah!

Mary’s a tough character for me. She’s ambitious in a time when that’s not an okay thing for women, so she has to use those around her. If Steven wanted to go into politics (and as a Pop sim it’s something he should want), it would be a win-win. But he’s so serious like his dad. We’ll just have to see if it makes him happy in the long run.

Of course Cindy was going to tell Alice. She needed to know, and in her golden years Cindy really started rolling those family wants.

I was really sad to lose Cindy. She was fun to play and write.

I know!!! Gregory is growing up so fast. I can’t wait to get him off to college and wrap this thing up. It’s been fun, but it feels like it’s time to move on.

Thanks for commenting!
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