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Chapter 12 Outtakes & PicSpam

Time to share some of the 350+ pics that didn’t make the cut for the chapter.

First, a few quick updates on some of the spare households. I lost my first members of Generation 3 during this rotation.

Roger Gavigan, son of Primrose and Isaiah Gavigan, grandson of my founders, died.

He was 76 sim days old, and is greatly missed by all his family:

His wife, Anna…

…his daughter, Vertaline…

…and his granddaughter, Lila. I’m going to miss him as well. Roger’s twin sister, Rhoda also died, but I neglected to get any photos because I had someone else selected and didn’t realize she was dead until I noticed that everyone was crying. Silly me.

Don’t feel too bad for the Londons, Rhoda’s family, though. They have plenty to be happy about.

Myrtle London, the eldest of generation 5, became fast friends with Alonzo Phoenix, her neighbor. When they became teens, they grew even closer.

Yep, they’ll be getting married after college. Yep, they’re related (second cousins, I think). Yep, I’m at the point where there are so many families that I’m looking to consolidate whenever possible. And they have 2 bolts, with the turn-ons & offs that the game gave them. So really, Myrtle and Alonzo will be fine.

Over at the Robert Alcotts, little George is growing like a weed.

Matilda and Robert dote on him like nothing else. Lots of autonomous dancing and catch here. But they always get excited when I direct them to interact with him.

On to the Bear house. Eldon (my poor boy), has taken to activities, like chess.

Joseph has lots of studying to catch up on skill points for his LTW (Criminal Mastermind, so not like him), but if he studies at the chess table while Eldon plays, they talk and their relationship goes up.

Eldon would like the world to know that he’s really not a Mama’s boy.
But he is very close to his sister.

This was autonomous, and SO cute.

The last spare household is the Lawrence Alcotts. Lorraine giving birth to Maurice made me laugh so hard. Everyone in the house was in a panic.

Such a fuss over a baby. Maurice did grow up into a toddler, but his birthday didn’t make the cut for the chapter.

Now for some of the more prominent parts of the chapter. Everyone feels very strongly about Henri’s situation. First, let me put your fears to rest. I opened SimPE today, and Prof has just 1 day to live. Henri will be free this coming rotation, and something that happens at the funeral will be key to Matthew getting what he deserves.

Prof Leonid is a horrible, horrible man. While Henri is doing this…

So that Victor could do this…

The good Prof did this…

Yes, HE CLEANED UP HIS SON’S BIRTHDAY CAKE BEFORE VICTOR COULD HAVE A SLICE. Feel free to hate him even more than you already do.

Prof also does things like this:

Okay, your wife disgusts you. Good, because the feeling is mutual.

I have a feeling that Victor will give me good faces, like his father.

I love this little boy.

Onto the main family and their plots. First, I must show you how awesome the youngest of generation 4 are. First, mini-spam of college graduation growing up outfits.

Andrew, Alex Meadow and Phily, respectively. All are outfits I can somewhat picture them wearing, or at least are appropriate for the period in the case of Andrew.

And then, there was what Miss Amelia arrived at college in.

As a Romance sim who wants to woohoo 20 Sims, I find this highly appropriate.

I have come to really like Alex as a character, which is why he’s getting an interlude.

He is the man, and he knows it. There’s a part of me that wishes he were the heir, but alas, the rules forbid it.

I love him and Kaylynn as a couple.

Not exactly appropriate for the Victorian era, but I can deny them NOTHING.

Just cause I love this photo, and couldn’t make using it work.


I am also looking forward to the Meadow & Phily grand tour story line. I had thought this would be an interlude, but now I’m not sure. I may just put it in with the next chapter. I’ll have to see where inspiration takes me.

I’m torn here. I think some of you have seen where I am going with this plot, and in order to stay historically accurate, they can’t get married/join union. But I love Phily and want her to be happy. They aren’t in love yet, so I’ll let their want panels help guide me. But they will be together one way or another.

And then, there’s the main Bradford farm. The game makes me very happy sometimes. I needed to get Jan’s wants to rerolls, so I sent her on a hike. She came back with poison ivy.

It was also the night the headmaster called, and I was cracking up as she stopped to scratch while trying to schmooze him.

Matthew is evil. That is all.

I was glad that Alex stood up to him. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen to him and Jan now, and I can’t wait to get to it.

What else happened over the winter in Simsfield? Well,

The kids learned to study (and yes, Jan is actually interacting with her daughter. I tried to get Carolina to do it, but she refused).

Thomas, Chris, and Uma haunted (John, not so much. I hardly ever see him).

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a little of the “domestic tranquility” from the Bradford main clan.

Too bad Jan isn’t actually this pleasant to be around.

And now, a teaser for you. I’ve been learning to play with Photoshop, and I have the cover for the interlude done.

I is very proud of myself here, and can’t wait to play with the other covers for the main story.

I hope you enjoyed the pics and comments.


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Jul. 10th, 2010 10:17 pm (UTC)
It's so sad when they pass on from old age. I have to learn to cut back on the elixcer. I let my OWBC founders go and now I have to let my legacy ones go to. I can't really have gen four coming along with great grandparents still around. I'm hoping it gets easier.
I won't be sad to see your Prof go though.

Meadows outfit. ^_^

I would love to have Photoshop. I've learnt a few things in Gimp, but the placing of pictures onto another one is kind of hit and miss because I have no clue as to what I am doing lol. So good going!
Jul. 11th, 2010 09:00 pm (UTC)
It is very sad to lose the Sims that you actually care about. When I was looking at how long Prof had left, I peeked at the rest of the elders, and I'm NOT going to enjoy the spring and summer rotations, I can tell. Probably a good thing I'm takinga little break to write the interlude.

Meadow is great. I know that some folks aren't a fan of her, but she's been great in my 'hood.

Photoshop is really nice. Now that I have the hang of 'layering,' I can't wait to create covers. I think it will be very useful as I go forward.
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