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The Bradford Legacy - Generation 4 Who's Who


With the major plotlines of generation 4 started or coming to a close, I thought it was time to introduce you to all the members of generation 4.

Warning for minor spoilers of the upcoming interlude and Chapter 13.

Anne Bradford Bear
Generation Four Spare
Twin to Diana Bradford Pasang
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Anne)
Gemini – 5/9/9/4/5

As the eldest child of the fourth generation, Anne became a natural leader. She was born with a fiercely independent nature, and she naturally found solace in the suffrage movement. During her years at finishing school, she campaigned for the women’s right to vote, despite the misgivings of several of her family members.

Despite her independent nature, Anne was very family oriented, having helped care for her youngest brother and sister while their mother recovered from the births. She struggled for a time to reconcile her independence with her desire to be a wife and mother. When she finally accepted a proposal from Joseph Bear, she did so knowing that he was a progressive man who did not see women as their husband’s property. Anne is now the mother of twins, Esther and Eldon, who were born premature. Her long recovery from the difficult labor makes it hard for her to care for her children as she would like. She worries particularly about her son, who is not growing as strong as he should.

Joseph Bear
Generation Four Spare’s Husband
Scorpio – 6/5/8/3/3

It would take a special man to win the hard of the independent Anne Bradford, and Joseph Bear was that man. He was known for being progressive and forward-thinking, and that extended to women’s rights. He was looking for someone to stand by his side as an equal, not as an ornament. Joseph didn’t ask Anne to use the word “obey” in their marriage vows, and view her as a partner in all his endeavors.

Joseph is extremely kind-hearted, though his friends would call him soft. He worships his wife, and her long convalescence after the birth of their twins has him more worried than he cares to admit. He can’t imagine his world without Anne in it, and will do whatever it takes to make sure she fully recovers.

Diana Bradford Pasang
Generation Four Spare
Twin to Anne Bradford Bear
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Diana)
Gemini – 5/6/9/4/1

Unlike her twin, Diana Bradford always sought acceptance from her peers. She cannot understand her sister’s zealousness for suffrage, try as she might. Diana wanted nothing more than to meet a nice man, settle down, and raise a family with him. Her traditional views sometimes put her at odds with Anne, but the sisters remained close despite their differing views.

She began stepping out with Lee Pasang as a teen, and was thrilled when he proposed during her years at finishing school. She now focuses her attention on their son, Amos, and making sure that she provides a comfortable home for her husband.

Lee Pasang
Generation Four Spare’s Husband
Virgo – 9/2/6/3/5

Lee Pasang sought what most men of his time did: a steady job, a home to call his own, a wife to keep house, and a son to carry on the family name. The first two he was able to procure in short order after college. The wife he had discovered in his youth, though he did not propose for some time. Lastly, after a few years of marriage, his son was born. Lee was thrilled to have everything he had ever wanted.

He adores his wife Diana, and wants nothing more that to be a good provider for her and their boy.

Henrietta Bradford Hutchins
Generation Four Spare
Twin to Matthew Bradford
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Henrietta)
Virgo – 9/2/10/7/5

As the twin of the generation four heir, Henrietta often felt forgotten. She found the easiest way to win other’s attention was to do what was expected of her, and her entire being soon became dependent on the approval of those around her. Matthew, her twin, soon began using this fact as a way to manipulate Henri into doing what he wanted, twisting it to appear to be something that would benefit the family.

As she grew, she turned to suitors for validation that she was a person who could be considered desirable and interesting. The constant flirtations put her in a tough spot that allowed Matthew to arrange a marriage for her that would benefit him. Henri married her brother’ professor, because she felt it was her duty to her family to save her reputation. Her kind heart that her sister Philomena knows so well is stifled by her husband’s gruff nature. But Henri knows her duty, and will not shirk from it.

Prof. Leonid Hutchins
Generation Four Spare’s Husband
Gemini – 4/3/7/4/7

Professor Hutchins had many plans for his life. Those plans were dashed with the death of his first wife. In the years since her passing, Leonid buried himself in his work. He had no plans for remarriage, until he heard one of his students talking about his sister. After a meeting the lady in question over dinner, he decided that it might be advantageous for him to remarry.

Typical of so many men of the time, Leonid demanded an orderly household, and relied on his wife to provide it. One of his hopes with his new marriage was that he would have a pretty, young wife to show off to his colleagues. Henri’s pregnancy put a kink into the professor’s plans. He is none too happy about the prospect of becoming a father, and hopes that a child will not further disrupt the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed.

Matthew Bradford
Generation Four Heir
Twin to Henrietta Bradford Hutchins
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Matthew)
Capricorn – 10/2/3/9/1

Matthew Bradford was the first of the Bradford heirs to grow up in the lap of relative luxury. The house was fully built and furnished by that point, and the children were given nearly everything they could want. Through his father and grandfather’s stories, Matthew became well versed in the fact that his great-grandfather, John Bradford, was one of the town’s founding fathers. Because of these facts, Matthew grew up with a sense of entitlement. Instead of using his family’s position for the greater good, Matthew instead chose to use it for his own personal benefit.

He learned at an early age how to manipulate others into doing what he didn’t want to, and how to avoid getting caught. His twin, Henrietta, was his most frequent victim, and Matthew hardly did any of his own schoolwork for years. In college, he used his influence as head of his fraternity to influence the pledges to do his work for him. While in college, he was introduced to Jan Danaher, a girl from a modest family that was looking to move up in the world. Her ambitions are a natural foil to Matthew’s conniving nature, and they make quite the pair.

Jan Danaher Bradford
Generation Four Heir’s Wife
Pisces – 5/3/7/3/7

Jan Danaher came from a middle-class Portsimouth family with great ambitions. When she met Matthew during her time at Mrs. Seymour’s, Jan knew that he was her perfect match. She appreciated his family, wealth, and connections. She was pleased that she was able to catch such a husband, and her family was equally as impressed.

Above all, Jan is a selfish person who is concerned with appearances, both physical and societal. She knew it was her job to provide her husband with a son and heir, and she was very pleased that she was able to do so on the first try. As she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, she plans on having no more children so she doesn’t ruin her figure any further. Jan took little interest in the children while they were young, but can’t wait until her daughter is old enough to dress up like a doll.

Vertaline Gavigan
Generation Four Second Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Primrose Bradford + Isaiah Gavigan = Roger Gavigan + Anna Cleaves = Vertaline)
Aquarius – 6/5/4/8/8

Vertaline is the only child of the Gavigan line. She would rather spend her time as a flirty social butterfly, but was forced to settle down to carry on the family name. She feels trapped by her duty, but cannot bear to let her parents down.

Derek Vijayaker Gavigan
Generation Four Cousin’s Husband
Virgo – 3/4/3/6/9

Derek, a mere paper delivery boy in the village of Simsfield, was thrilled to earn the affections of the great-granddaughter of the colonial governor. His family, too, was pleased enough to allow him to take Vertaline’s name so that the Gavigan name wouldn’t die out entirely. Derek enjoys reading through Governor Gavigan’s old journals and exploring the historic mansion he now lives in.

Edwina “Wendy” London
Generation Four Second Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Primrose Bradford + Isaiah Gavigan = Rhoda Gavigan + Randy London = Wendy)
Sagittarius – 1/4/10/8/5

Wendy grew up without a father for some time, and a mother who complained often about the selfish nature of men. Therefore, Wendy wasn’t too anxious to settle into matrimony. Rather than seek out a husband on her own, she chose to allow her parents to find her a suitable match. One of her father’s associates fit the bill, and she married him knowing that he would be able to provide for her and be a decent companion. Wendy has few ambitions beyond providing a comfortable home for her husband and family.

Abhijeet Deppisse London
Generation Four Cousin’s Husband
Taurus – 5/5/3/8/4

Abhijeet is a boring, sensible man who married for the comfort a wife provides. His overbearing mother-in-law frustrates him, but he puts up with her because he has no other choice. He feels lucky to have married into such an affluent family with a deep history in the area.

Cole Phoenix
Generation Four Second Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Sophia Thompson + Jimmy Phoenix = Cole)
Virgo – 10/2/10/6/7

Cole grew up with his mother’s influence that being around the people you love is the most important thing in the world. He remembers the long years that his father was away at war, and that influenced him greatly. He’s a hard working, industrious man that’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He did fall victim to his cousin Matthew’s scheming. Cole was the one to introduce Matthew and Jan, so Matthew feels slightly indebted to Cole.

Cole married his college sweetheart, and his favorite part of the day is when he comes home to her and his son.

Katerina Bear Phoenix
Generation Four Cousin’s Husband
Cancer – 6/3/5/4/5

Katerina is a sweet woman who adores her husband and son. She wants nothing more than to provide her husband with a sanctuary from the worries of the outside world. Her son is her pride and joy, and Katerina hopes that he grows up to be the type of man is papa is.

Abraham Thompson
Generation Four Second Cousin
(John Bradford+ Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Richard Thompson + Renee Johnson = Abraham)
Gemini – 4/6/9/6/1

Abraham barely remembers his father’s absence due to the war, and all his memories are filled with his parent’s love and affection for each other. A bit of a bookworm as a child, Abraham branched out a bit in college. He had known the woman that would become his wife for years, but it wasn’t until he was grown that he was able to work up the courage to court her. He still reads everything he can get his hands on, but has learned to balance his thirst for knowledge with having a little fun.

Gretchin Chin Thompson
Generation Four Second Cousin’s Wife
Sagittarius – 2/3/9/7/4

Gretchin’s family was friends with the Thompsons for years, but they were never quite of the same social stature. She was excited to learn that Abraham had an interest in her, and she readily accepted his proposal. She helps him to be more social and enjoy life, and he indulges her love of SimFrench novels without judgment.

Lawrence Alcott
Generation Four First Cousin & Generation Four Cousin’s Husband
Twin to Robert Alcott
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Eliza Bradford + Horace Alcott = Lawrence)
Pisces – 7/5/10/3/10

Growing up, Lawrence wanted a father to teach him things like how to fish. He was a perceptive child who saw that his mother was always sad, and was happy when she remarried and started to smile again. As he grew older, he enjoyed his stepfather, but also found solace in his father’s study with his old books.

As a young man, he showed little to no interest in the institution of marriage. Lawrence was a handsome man, and he often found that women were throwing themselves at him. Rather than take a chance on one of the females that flirted with him, Lawrence chose to marry a lady that he had considered a friend for many years – his second cousin Lorraine Phoenix. Their marriage is not a passionate one, but a partnership built on mutual respect. Their life is a happy one, if not very exciting.

Lorraine Phoenix Alcott
Generation Four Second Cousin & Generation Four Cousin’s Wife
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Sophia Thompson + Jimmy Phoenix = Lorraine)
Gemini – 5/8/9/6/7

Lorraine was born as a result of her father’s return from war. She was much wanted, and much spoiled. A beauty who knew it, she often got frustrated by the advances of her male friends because she knew they were only interested in her because of her pretty face. She had heard her mother often say that a marriage should be a relationship built on more than mere appearances, and Lorraine took her mother’s words to heart.

After rejecting several marriage offers, Lorraine feared ending up a spinster. When Lawrence proposed marriage, she was relieved and pleased. They had been friends for years, and Lorraine knew that Lawrence liked her for more reasons than just her looks. She’s happy in her new life, but wishes that she were closer to her mother and father.

Robert Alcott
Generation Four First Cousin & Generation Four Cousin’s Husband
Twin to Lawrence Alcott
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Eliza Bradford + Horace Alcott = Robert)
Scorpio – 7/6/6/4/3

Robert grew up fiercely loyal to his father’s memory. He had heard the stories from Eliza and Mercy, and he held onto them. He was reluctant to accept George into his life, but did so because he saw how happy George made his mother.

Robert soon came to sympathize with George when he fell hard for Matilda Ryan. Her parents forbade the pair to be together, which just made Robert that much more determined to make Matilda his. With George, Lawrence, and Philomena as co-conspirators, Robert and Matilda were able to elope. Robert fills his days with learning the business of McCarthy’s General Store so that he can provide for his wife and their child.

Matilda Ryan Alcott
Generation Four Second Cousin & Generation Four Cousin’s Wife
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Rebecca Thompson + Timothy Ryan = Matilda)
Aries – 5/9/5/5/1

Matilda grew up in the lap of luxury, wanting for nothing materially. Her parents were more concerned with the contents of their pocketbooks than offering their daughter any sort of emotional support. She feared her father’s temper and her mother’s judgmental nature.

Forbidding her from seeing Robert was the last straw. Matilda rebelled against her forced betrothal to her father’s associate Sullivan Pratt, and she plotted in secret to elope with Robert. Matilda and Anne get along quite well, as neither believes in allowing things to happen. Matilda is thrilled with the home that Robert has provided, and enjoys motherhood. She is determined to put her child’s emotional well-being first, and make sure that she doesn’t make the same mistakes her parents did.

Isaac Thompson
Generation Four Second Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Richard Thompson + Renee Johnson = Isaac)
Capricorn – 10/7/4/7/5

Isaac is the resident cad of the Simsfield/Portsimouth area of Massimchusetts. He has developed quite the reputation, and frequents the seedier areas of the city. Rather than allow his family to suffer because of his behavior, Isaac chose to follow his cousin Alexander West to seek his fortune there.

Holly Dancer
Generation Four Second Cousin’s Lady Friend
Libra – 4/7/4/3/7

Holly worked at the local saloon in Simta Fe. She once had great dreams, but when her mother died and her father remarried, she ran away. To survive, she took a job at the Simta Fe Saloon that consisted of dancing and “entertaining” of the young men of the town. It was there that she met Isaac. He was the only man she ever loved. She died giving birth to her daughter, Lenora.

Alexander Bradford Langerak
Generation Four Spare
Twin to Philomena Bradford Thayer
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Alexander)
Gemini – 2/8/9/3/7

Alexander always felt like the forgotten son. His sister Phily was the only family member he truly felt close to, and that was out of a sense of duty to protect her. He didn’t come into his own until he went to SimHarvard and was out of his brother’s shadow.

To the shock of many, he fell in love with the SimIrish girl, Kaylynn Landerak, who was hired as a maid in the fraternity house. After enduring the scorn of society, specifically his brother Matthew, Alexander and Kaylynn decided to go West and start fresh in a land that was filled with less judgmental people. There, the built a farm and had a happy, productive life in Simta Fe.

Kaylynn Langerak
Generation Four Spare’s Wife
Aquarius – 6/5/6/1/7

Kaylynn grew up as the daughter of SimIrish immigrants. Her parents had come to Simerica hoping to provide a better life for their children, but it was not to be. Kaylynn was the one child who managed to make an honest living, and she met Alexander Bradford at her work. They fell in love, and moved West to Simta Fe. Kaylynn loves the town, as she does not have to face the prejudices of her heritage, and she has also been able to pursue her dream of being a schoolteacher.

Philomena Bradford Thayer
Generation Four Spare
Twin to Alexander Bradford Langerak
 (John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Philomena)
Scorpio - 10/7/9/3/5

Philomena, as the baby of the family, often was overlooked. Left to her own devices much of the time, she would read and daydream. From an early age, she showed an aversion to marriage, and seeing what her sister Henri went through solidified those opinions. She did help to bring Robert and Matilda together, but only because she knew they were getting married for the right reasons.

Phily’s dearest friend in college was Meadow Thayer. With Alexander’s prodding, Phily went abroad with the Thayers and saw the sights of SimEurope. She and Meadow remained close over the years, and had times been different, the two might have formed a more formal partnership. As it was impossible for them to do so, they had to settle for stolen moments out of the disapproving public eye. Phily chose to live with Henri and keep her company in her widowhood, until Meadow invited her to live in the Thayer home after Mr. and Mrs. Thayer had passed.

Meadow Thayer
Generation Four Spare’s Partner
Aquarius – 4/4/4/7/6

Meadow Thayer was the youngest child of a wealthy Portsimouth family with root nearly as deep as the Bradfords in Simsfield. Many would say she was spoiled, but she was truly one of the sweetest girls you would ever meet. She and Phily became fast friends in college, and went on a grand tour of SimEurope together. It was there that Meadow was finally able to confess her true feelings for her best friend. Society would not allow them to be together, but the two were inseparable, and even adopted a girl from the local workhouse under the pretense of needing a girl to train in service.

Andrew Turner
Generation Four First Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Patrick Bradford + Margaret Turner = Andrew)
Aries – 2/9/6/3/7

The only child of the infamous Patrick Bradford, Andrew inherited his father’s willful nature. Andrew is outgoing and constantly on the move, but he knows when it’s time to be serious, and he inherited his mother’s kind heart.

Lyndsay Louie Turner
Generation Four First Cousin’s Wife
Gemini – 4/7/8/3/3

Lyndsay is a feisty and outgoing woman who is very forward thinking. She wants to amass a fortune of her own, and her husband supporters her in her various artistic endeavors. She spends her time painting, sculpting, and enjoying other crafting activities. Lyndsay gets along well with her in-laws, especially Margaret.

Amelia McCarthy Pitts
Generation Four First Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Eliza Bradford + George McCarthy = Amelia)
Aries – 2/9/6/3/7

Amelia is the apple of her daddy’s eye, but she has somehow avoided being spoiled. She often feels like she is viewed as a child, with two older brothers and a father constantly butting into her business. Her best friend in the world is her brother Robert, and while she understands why she wasn’t invited to his wedding, she can’t help but feel snubbed. Her favorite role is playing Aunt Amelia to Robert’s child, and hopes that Lawrence and Lorraine will give her another niece or nephew to play with.

Like her cousins, Amelia showed no signs of wanting to marry. She was content to flirt, be the belle of the ball, and break the hearts of her many suitors. Eventually, she settled down with Ashley Pitts, who shared her romantic nature.

Ashley Pitts
Generation Four Second Cousin’s Husband
Leo – 2/9/7/6/1

Ashley Pitts had a bit of a reputation as a cad, but when he saw Amelia McCarthy across the ballroom, his heart was stolen. His reputation made it a bit of a challenge to secure her father George’s permission to marry her, but Amelia begged and George conceded. Ashley has reformed, slightly, since his marriage, but he still appreciates a beautiful female form. Now, he just takes care to make sure his wife doesn’t notice him admiring the ladies when they’re out and about.
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