January 4th, 2010

Sims - Simself

Frustration again...

Chapter 4 is too big of a file to upload at once.  Oops.  Translation:  I have to go home, split it into two parts,  PDF both files, and then upload both parts.  Then I can upload them and have this update done.  Good thing, because I've already got almost all the photos I need for Chapter 5.

The moral of the story is to pay attention to the size of your files.  Could have save myself a lot of trouble by doing so.

Edit:  So I didn't need to split it after all.  I created it on my laptop, which has Office 2007 on it, converted to PDF, and got the big file.  My desktop has Office XP, and when I opened it there, the file wasn't as big.  I took a chance and PDFed it on the desktop, and VOILA, the PDF was about half the size it was when I used PowerPoint 2007. 

Either way, I can upload it tomorrow, and maybe even get it linked up then too, depending on how my day goes.  Horray!