May 18th, 2010

Sims - Simself

Very, very pleased

New computer is here. Still fighting with AOL (I so love my dial up connection), but all the sims games are now installed (I left Pets off as I still have mixed feelings about it. Thoughts?).

Anyway, I played in one of the premade families in the Freetime 'hood last night (Desierita Valley, can't spell it and am too lazy to look it up right now). The graphics card is amazing. I went to one of my fishtanks, and this is what I saw:


Seriously, this is one of the best things EVER.

On another note, all the houses are played through their fall rotation, so I'll be working on chapter 11 over the next week or so. I felt a little rushed playing through this time around, so I'm worried that I didn't get all the pics I'll want, and the chapter will end up choppy. But I'll make it work.

Time to earn my paycheck now.