January 25th, 2011

Sims - Simself


Simsfield 2.0 is ready to go. I fixed the last ages today, and can start playing the next rotation as soon as I get Chapter 17 finished. I hope that I can make it through the last 4 generations without doing another rebuild, because it was a pain. And I've decided that the Turner and Pitts households will end with the 5th generation. Josephine Turner will get married, but no babies for her. And Garrett Pitts will become the town playboy, as his LTW is to have 50 1st dates. It's time to let some of these families go, as I'm no longer enjoying playing them.

So I'm off to start sorting pictures and preping an outline for Chapter 17. I want to get it out before I take off for vacation in a few weeks.