February 4th, 2011

Sims - Simself

SimStoCreMo Progress - Day 4

Well, since I accomplished one of my goals for this project, I thought I'd share what progress I've made towards my goals.

Goal 1: To get Chapter 17 of the Bradford Legacy completed.
  COMPLETED!!!  I posted the chapter this afternoon.  Very, very exciting.

Goal 2: To get Chapter 18 of the Bradford Legacy completed.
Progress: None.

To do complete goal #2, the following items must be done:
-Complete outline of plot for chapter 18
-Play through the summer rotation (15 household, including a college one)
-Stage shots as necessary for plotyness
-Write chapter, edit, proofread, publish

I've at least started thinking about what I want to happen, if not put it into a formal outline.  That is always where I start, with major plot points, and then fill in with what the game throws at me.  Most of this will be on hold until mid-month, as I'm escaping the cold for a while.  The plane ride will give me a chance to think about plotty stuff, and maybe stage a few scenes in my head.  I'll be checking LJ via my iPhone, and I'm hoping that I'll see a Sim_spiration prompt that inspires me.