February 13th, 2011

Sims - Simself

SimStoCreMo Update - Day 13

Goal 1: To get Chapter 17 of the Bradford Legacy completed.

Goal 2: To get Chapter 18 of the Bradford Legacy completed.
Progress: None.

To do complete goal 2, the following items must be done:
-Complete outline of plot for chapter 18 (Sort of - I have a few ideas, but nothing formalized).
-Play through the summer rotation (15 households, including a college one) (tomorrow - too sleepy tonight)
-Stage shots as necessary for plotyness (nope)
-Write chapter, edit, proofread, publish (hahaha)

So...going into the middle of this challenge, I'm about 1/3 of the way through my goal.  I sense some frantic playing in my future, and I'll do my best to get through the spare households that I don't really care about tomorrow.  That way I can focus on taking my time with the houses that need some attention: Main Bradfords, Lizzie & Jason, Thayer/Hutchins (Victor & Jane's wedding - yay!), Alex & Kaylynn, and possibly the George Alcotts.  There are a few more babies to make apperances this rotation (coughMarshacough), and go from there.  Writing is usually pretty quick for me, so while I'm concerned I'm not pushing the panic button yet.