February 21st, 2011

Sims - Simself

SimStoCreMo Update - Day 21

Goal 1: To get Chapter 17 of the Bradford Legacy completed.

Goal 2: To get Chapter 18 of the Bradford Legacy completed.

To do complete goal 2, the following items must be done:
-Complete outline of plot for chapter 18 (Done, excepting for anything fun that the rotation may through at me.).
-Play through the summer rotation (13/15 completed).

-Stage shots as necessary for plotyness (Done in the households I’ve played. There will be some scenes to do in the main household, which will get done over the next two days, and the Seiff household, which will be done in the same time frame. I need both James and Taddy to be children so I can have them come home from school together for a scene I’m going to write).
-Write chapter, edit, proofread, publish (Well, a Sim_spiration from last week led me to write an unpublished drabble. So you can say that I’ve got a start on it.)

With 7 days to go, I’ll be cutting it close. I only have 2 households left to play through (Seiff & Bradford), which I will definitely get through. The outline is all set, and I’ll just need to add whatever the gameplay throws at me. I usually write the chapter itself pretty quickly, so I’m still hopeful. But if I’m not writing by Friday, then we may have a problem.