February 27th, 2011

Sims - Simself

SimStoCreMo - Day 27

Goal 1: To get Chapter 17 of the Bradford Legacy completed.

Goal 2: To get Chapter 18 of the Bradford Legacy completed.
To do complete goal 2, the following items must be done:
-Complete outline of plot for chapter 18 (Done, excepting for anything fun that the rotation may through at me.)
-Play through the summer rotation (15/15 completed)
-Stage shots as necessary for plotyness (Done)
-Write chapter (~40/??? slides completed)
-Edit (Negative)
-Proofread (Nope

So...only about a day left, and I'm only about 1/4 (if that) of the way through my outline.  I'm thinking I might not make all of part 2 of my goal, but I knew going in that it was ambitious, given I was gone for a week of the month, with no way to do anything Sims related.  I'm going to make a go of it, but I make no promises.  I've just not felt inspired, and I've been distracted by shiny things lately.  Yeah.  That's all.