August 26th, 2011

Sims - Simself

Come on, Irene/I swear (well I will I'm sure; I tend to do that)

With apologies to Dexy's Midnight Runners for my liberties with their song lyrics.

Well, it looks like my little corner of New England is going to get a little rain and wind this weekend.  Great.  I and my house are all set, excepting one or two things that need to be moved inside tomorrow morning.  I have enough food and water for me, my family, and my bunny, gas for the backup generator, and plenty of batteries for the flashlights.  Come if you will, Irene.  I'm ready for you.

Is it bad that the first thing I thought when I heard a hurricane was going to hit was,  "Great.  Now I can't film my next chapter this weekend"?  I suppose it will be okay as I still have a few scenes to write, and pen and paper work whether or not the power does.

I may be scarce for the next 48-72 hours as I make final preps for the uninvited guest.  We've been warned that we could be without electricity a while, but I'll try to post an update via my iPhone app once things have calmed down a bit.  To my fellow friends on the East Coast, stay safe.  See you on the flip side.