October 13th, 2011

Sims - Simself

Myshuno Prompt: “I’m too old to be doing this.”

Name: Redecorating
Characters: James, Jefferson, Cindy, Marsha
Rating: PG - Because James likes to swear
Summary:  The baby’s due soon, and Cindy’s nesting instinct has kicked in.
Notes: Canon.  This will appear in the next chapter, so it is a spoiler.
Word Count: 481
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Sims - Simself

Myshuno Prompt: Stocks and bonds

Name: Wise Investments
Characters: James, Jefferson
Rating: Everyone
Summary:  James wants a piece of the stock market pie.
Notes: Canon.  Will appear in one form or another in the next chapter, so can be considered a spoiler.
Word Count: 363
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