October 20th, 2011

Sims - Simself

Myshuno Prompt: Breaking news

Name: Joy Interrupted
Characters: Nicholas, Nicholas’ Finance (unknown at time of drabble), Shirley, Shirley’s Boyfriend, Rosalie, Rosalie’s Boyfriend
Rating: PG-13.  Nick, like his father, has a dirty mouth
Summary:  Generation 7’s world is about to change in a big way.
Notes: This takes place during Nick’s senior year of college.  It is a spoiler, in some ways, but if you know what era Generation 7 will be in it shouldn’t be too much of a shock.  The unnamed are as such because I haven’t decided who’s marrying who yet.  This is loosely based on/inspired by a true story.  I’ll explain more when this comes into the story.
Word Count: 1,222
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