January 30th, 2012

Sims - Simself

Call for Extras


As those of you who read the Bradfords know, World War II is looming.  Unlike the other wars, I plan on dealing with this one pretty first hand, and this is where I need some assistance.

This is a call for extras.  I'm looking for your Sims, legacy or otherwise, who'd be interested in appearing in upcoming chapters.  They won't have more than a line or two to learn, and their primary job will be to look pretty in whatever uniform I stick them in.  Anyone that's imported will not remember where they came from, but they'll keep their personalities.

So if you've got some Sims who are willing to face the dangers of the Second World War, reply with links of where I can get them.  Obviously, male Sims would be preferred, but I'm sure I can find parts for a few ladies as well (nurses, Rosie the Riveters).

Questions?  Feel free to ask.  Thanks in advance.