March 22nd, 2012

Sims - SimStoCreMo2

SimStoCreMo - Week 3

Oops.  I should have posted this yesterday.

Goal 1: To write and publish Chapter 25 of The Bradford Legacy.
Scenes written: 8/12
Slide Count: 74/??? (average is around 160 per chapter for me)
Word Count: 5114

The 4 scenes I have left to write are BIG IMPORTANT SCENES, which is why I've kind of been putting them off.  I want to finish them this weekend (didn't I say that last time?), so I can film.  Plus the 4 houses I need to play through so I can get gameplay pictures.

Goal 2: To write one drabble a week, unrelated to the chapter.
Wrote another drabble, which can be found here.  2 more to go, but I don't have ideas yet so UGH.

Time is running short, and I need to get this thing done.