March 31st, 2012

Sims - Simself

SimStoCreMo Drabble - Fireside Chat

Last drabble is done!  And thus, I win CreMo this year.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.  Well, sort of.  I'm just following history here, so if you didn't see this coming shame on your US history teacher!

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Sims - SimStoCreMo2

SimStoCreMo 2012 - Fin

I won.

I freaking won!!!

*ahem*  So, what were my goals?  Let's recap, shall we?

Goal 1: To write and publish Chapter 25 of The Bradford Legacy.
Done!  Chapter 25 is here.

Goal 2: To write one drabble a week, unrelated to the chapter.
Week 1: Love in the Time of War
Week 2: Gather up Your Tears
Week 3: War Concert
Week 4: James' Dirty Little Secret
Week 5: Fireside Chat