September 8th, 2012

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Good Genes, Part II

I had so much fun doing the last Good Genes Challenge (and got a few unique looking Sims out of it as well) that I thought I'd take part in the latest one over at GoS.  I think I may post this over there as well, once I've had a chance to extract the final Sim for download.

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Sims - Simself

Bradford Legacy: Spoilers and Predictions

Started by lilycobalt.  I'm just following because that's what I do.

In a comment, tell me about events that are going to occur in The Bradford Legacy. This can include what you actually know is going to happen, what you think is going to happen, theories about what could happen, and anything else that's relevant to the topic.

I will not be replying to comments--this is going to be a reference point for what you all know. But feel free to turn the tables on me by posting this in your journal!