October 8th, 2012

Sims - Love

Myshuno Prompt #9: James and Cindy

Prompt: James & Cindy (peasant007)
Characters: James, Cindy, mentions of Alice, Nick
Rating: PG-13 for language (James will be James)
Summary: James and Cindy discuss some big news.
Notes: Canon. May or may not appear in a future chapter. Contains a spoiler, so read at your own risk.
Word Count: 498

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Sims - Simself

Myshuno Drabble #10: "If the enemy don't kill me, these C rations will."

Prompt: “If the enemy don’t kill me, these C rations will.” (fuzzy_spork)
Characters: Nick, unnamed medic, unnamed colonel
Rating: G
Summary: Nick misses home cooked food.
Notes: Canon. This or something similar may appear in a future chapter, so can be considered a spoiler.
Word Count: 285

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