December 24th, 2012

Sims - Simself

Bradford Christmas Countdown - Day 5

Well, seeing as how I did my counting in the middle of final papers and exams, I goofed a little.  Today's photos were supposed to be for Christmas Day, as they contain a big surprise, so I had to do a little bit of an adjustment.  Rather than a pairing from generation 7, today you get a peek at a certain couple from generation 6.  So without further ado,

Welcome to the fifth day of the Bradford Christmas Countdown.  As a reminder, these photoshoots may contain spoilers, so view at your own risk.  Check the tags for more specifics.

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Sims - Myshuno Win

Myshuno Prompt #19: Wondering if you've fallen out of love with someone

Prompt: Wondering if you’ve fallen out of love with someone (docnerd)
Characters: Unnamed female member of generation 7
Rating: G
Summary: The thoughts of one woman when things aren’t going how she thought.
Notes: Canon. I can’t tell you who this is without spoiling a future plot point, so I won’t.
Word Count: 393

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