March 11th, 2013

Sims - SimStoCreMo2

SimStoCreMo - Progress Update

Had I not had class all weekend and been braindead by the time I got home, I would have posted this sooner.

Goal Part 1: To finish my Trailer Park Challenge
I have 8 days until the first kid becomes a teen, and then roughly 10 days to play before she becomes an adult and I need to post an heir poll.  I plan on playing some tomorrow and I really want to push through as quickly as I can, so with any luck there will be an update by the end of this week.  Then I can let the heir poll happen, and play until the final heir becomes an adult.

Goal Part 2: To publish my second war chapter
41/80ish slides written; 0 filmed.  But I have made some progress here, as Shirley & co. are willing to talk to me at this moment.  Thus, I'm taking advantage of this fact.

All in all, so far so good.  Will post more progress updates as things go on.