March 1st, 2014

Sims - SimStoCreMo1

SimStoCreMo: Starting Stats

It's March 1st, which means that SimStoCreMo is officially underway!  My goals for this year involve getting my BRRL spare story for Desdemona completed.  To that end, my goals are to:

1) To film and publish Parts 1 and 2 of my BRRL spare story for Desdemona (both are written and stand at 76 and 67 slides, respectively).

2) To finish writing and start filming Part 3 of the same story. It currently stands at 92 slides, with three more scenes to write (rough estimate is another 20-30 slides). Depending on how writing/filming goes, to get this published as well.

I'm actually waiting for the game to load so that I can start filming stuff for Part 1 as I type this.  I'd like to get about 20 slides filmed today if I can, since I have academic stuff that needs to get done this weekend as well (darn life getting in the way of simming).

Okay, enough interneting.  Off to work on CreMo-ing!