March 29th, 2014

Sims - Frustrated Phily

SimStoCreMo - Week 4 Recap

Today, tomorrow, and Monday left, and I still have stuff to do.

1) To film and publish Parts 1 and 2 of my BRRL spare story for Desdemona (both are written and stand at 76 and 67 slides, respectively).
Done and done.

2) To finish writing and start filming Part 3 of the same story. It currently stands at 92 slides, with three more scenes to write (rough estimate is another 20-30 slides). Depending on how writing/filming goes, to get this published as well.
I have two slide left that I need to film for, but they're both montage slides, so they require more than one pic.  I need to finish the cover (not at all hard, just picking what pics from the chapter to share on it), and write up the credits slide(s).  So this is doable, provided I can keep myself from getting too distracted from other shiny things.

Off to accomplish great things!