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New 'Hood, Photos, & News

Late last night, I finished building version 2.0 of Massimchusetts, and thought I would share a quick few pics with you.

This is Simsfield. In the front left of the picture, is the Simsfield railroad station (I did not build it - it came from MTS). The street to the left is the main street, which has the library, coffee shop, school house, and McCarthy's store. The one house with the plumbbob is my Simself's cottage, which is next to the Governor's mansion. The placement of the lots is basically the same, but I added a few more decorations (trees and the like) to the neighborhood.

This is the town looking towards the coast from the Bradford farm. It actually looks like a little village, which I love.

And now, for the city of Portsimouth.

The big building toward the front of the photo is Portsimouth Cathedral (again - not mine, I just edited it). That is the main street, where the Thayer/Hutchins house is, and lots of community lots. I did rearrange the layout of many of the community lots here, because I had found a bunch that I wanted to include in it.

I didn't bother with pics of SimHarvard/SimRadcliffe as it's just Academe le Tour with a few custom dorms plopped down into it.

I created it with clean templates, so there were no characters in the hood. I put my Simself in it, and had her spawan new townies, downtownies, and such. It's not that I don't love the Maxis stock characters, but after five generations it was time for a new cast of characters. Plus, it would just be weird to have duplicates running around.

And now, for something completly different. Thanks to a generous offer of a local satelite internet provider, I will be getting high speed internet on Friday! I am very excited to be able to upload chapters and picspam in under two hours, and to be able to download more stuff that I see. As a result, I'll have picspam from chapeters 15 and 16 by the end of the weekend. Yay!

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