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Resolutions 2011

I am nothing if not one of the hang-ons that always wanted to be part of the cool kids club. Therefore, I’m jumping off this bridge along with a bunch of other people.

1) Take the time to enjoy my legacy. Pretty self explanatory, but there are times when I fell like I’m just plodding through things to get the next chapter out. To that end, I’m giving myself permission to let some of the spare families die out. 15 houses is a lot to play through in a rotation, and not everyone needs to get married and pop out kids. To that end, if I don’t feel like playing, to not feel like I have to.

2) Meet generation 8. It’s taken me a year and three months to get to the point where generation 6 was born. I don’t think that it’s asking too much to make it through 2 generations in a year.

3) To find a new job. It’s becoming glaringly obvious that my current employment is going nowhere fast. There is no chance for me to get promoted, and, to be frank, I hate the management. So, it’s time to find another way to pay the bills. I’m intelligent, enthusiastic, and I have great communication and customer service skills. Even in this difficult economy, I’m sure that I can find something that allows me to help people, and that doesn’t require me to jump every time my cell rings.

4) To get in better shape. I’m not looking to run the Boston Marathon or anything, but it would be nice to not get winded when I walk long distances. Besides, I think my knee would bother me less if I used it a little more.

5) To travel. I always talk about the places I want to visit, and then do nothing. To that end, I’m going to Disney World in February. Maybe I’ll actually get around to heading back to England. A lot of that will depend on item 3.

6) To try a new challenge. I’ve played many legacies, but have never delved into an asylum or a bachelor challenge or the like. Maybe that will help keep me engaged in the game.

That’s about it. Happy 2011, everyone! May it be a happy and prosperous one for all of us.

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