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Chapter 15 Picspam

I should have posted some of this long ago, but I didn't. Now that I have high-speed, picspam will be a snap.

As I mentioned int he chapter, the final members of Generation 3 passed.  Very sad, as that was the last generation where I was really able to feature all of the cousins.

Renee was a great sim.  Not much more to say about her than that.

And Sophia Thompson Phoenix as well.  She stuck around about 12 days after her husband died, so it was kind of a relief for them to be reunited again.

Sticking with the Phoenix apartment for a moment, the London and Phoenix generation 4 members elderfied.

Cole and Katerina.  Both look quite distinguished.

And Abhijeet and Wendy.  I ended up killing Abhijeet because 1) he annoyed me and 2) he was somehow enemies with EVERYONE.  Constantly having to stop him from slapping people got exhausting after a while.

For population control purposes, Alonzo Phoenix (John/Phineus/Sophia/Cole) married Myrlte London (John/Primrose/Rhoda/Wendy).  So what if their great-grandparents were twins?  The game doesn't see them as related, and therefore I don't either.

It also helps that they are both Romance sims, and have 3 bolts.  Since it's not the main household, I let them 'hoo whenever the want rolls ups.  They'll be perma-plat via the lifetime meter in no time.

Stickin to downtown, there were a few more deaths.  These were pretty rough.

Ah, Margaret.  You were exactly what Patrick needed, and put up with me nearly causing you to be part of a scandal.  Thank you.

Oh, Patrick.  :(  Your story was part of my first real venture in to plottyness.  Thanks for putting up with my making you miserable.  I'm going to miss you buckets.

And Eliza.  I put you through the wringer, and you were always so graceful.  I'm going to miss you too.

Okay, enough with the sadness.  Time for something happier.

Happy picture of Lee and Diana is happy.  And they had loads of reasons to be happy this rotation.

Lee and Kea Centowski (downtownie teen, cheerleaderish outfit, short hacked hair) got married.  She's actually quite striking, and part of me wishes that I'd kept her for the main family.  But then I discover that she's knowledge, and all of my legacy wives have been knowledge.

Lee was feeling a bit...sentimental.  He nearly missed the ceremony because he couldn't keep his hands off his wife.

On to the Thayer/Hutchins house.

Jane finally became a teen, and I could move forward with the plot that I had for her.

I was going to use this picture, but Jane kind of looks posessed:

Yeah, no.  I used a shot from another angle instead.

These two are such a cute pair.

I can't wait to get Jane through college so that I can get them married.  I anticipate some VERY cute babies.

Even though Henri is old, she hasn't changed much.

She and Phily are always playing this, or red hands. 

Okay, Bradford household proper.  The scene between Matthew and the schoolteacher was a pain to shoot.  When you only have one nice point, you don't have a lot of patience.

Yeah, I would be miffed too.

When Lizzie went off to school, Jacques found a new place to sleep.

Lizzie's bed, still unmade.  So cuite.

Carolina started haunting.

She hasn't scared anyone yet, but I'm so hoping she goes after Jan.  I'm not going for the ghost collection, but if I were to have to pick someone to be Scared to Death....just saying.

Oh, and this was the BEST part of Jefferson's departure for college.

Yep, Jan tried to hug him, and he refused.  I don't think that's why Matthew's mad, but who knows with him?

I got Lizzie to college, gave her a makeover, and this is what she does.

Playful Fortune sims are fun.

Proof that Esther (John/Elias/Thomas/Anne) did in fact go to college with her cousin.

I had every intention of showing her more, but plot took me elsewhere.  She's kissing Jason Menon, one of the Techie groupies that came with AL.  He's a clone of Mr. Big, and I'm going to end up with NOSES.  That is all.

Things that are just wrong.

Gross, Lawrence.  Lizzie's like your great-neice or something.  Moving on.

I love this photo, but it wouldn't work.

The background is awesome.

I never realized what a striking person Marsha is.

That hair suits her so well.

I'm very glad that I found Jason for Lizzie.

Such a cute pair.

And then, there was Jefferson and Melanie.

It's fun to make 2 shy sims flirt.  That is all.

Thier date was kind of a pain to shoot.

Not them, so much, but those that chose to show up uninvited.

Seriously, Jan?  Of all the playables I have running around, YOU had to show up.  At least I was able to write it into the story in a plausible way.

Aw.  I'll leave you with that. 

Look for picpsam from chapter 16 later this weekend.  I've got a bunch of unused pics to go through.


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Jan. 9th, 2011 01:00 am (UTC)
Aww bye Patrick, even if he was kind of a pain in the story for awhile.

I've always liked Marsha, she will make a great wife for the next generation. She gets overlooked too much because of how she is as a child.

The same two pictures of Matthew are showing there. With him and the headmaster.

Good on Jefferson for not hugging Jan, she doesn't deserves it.
Jan. 9th, 2011 11:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, Patrick was a pain, but I can't help but love him.

Marsha is awesome. I should mention that she didn't throw up once when she was pregnant. And I think her features will blend with Jefferson's well.

I laughed when Jefferson wouldn't hug Jan, and almost wrote it into the story. But Jefferson was still busy trying to be the Good Son at that time, so it wouldn't have worked.
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