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Who's Who - Generation 5

Well, I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I just managed to finish the biographies for some of the less-played sims.  So, to help you understand who's who (and how they're connected & related), check out below.

Myrtle London Phoenix
Generation Five Third Cousin & Generation Five Third Cousin’s Wife
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Primrose Bradford + Isaiah Gavigan = Rhoda Gavigan + Randy London = Wendy London + Abhijeet Deppisse = Myrtle)
Sagittarius – 4/3/10/8/5

Myrtle, as the daughter of a Romance father and Pleasure mother, grew up with few expectations on her. She enjoys living a life of luxury, and the curse of the Gavigan brow which causes her to always look surprised. She really didn’t want to get married, but as her husband is also a Romance sim, she figured it wouldn’t be completely horrible.

Alonzo Phoenix
Generation Five Third Cousin & Generation Five Third Cousin’s Husband
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Sophia Thompson + Jimmy Phoenix = Cole Phoenix + Katerina Bear = Alonzo)
Virgo – 10/3/10/6/6

Alonzo only got married because he knew his mother wanted him to, and because he knew having a wife would help his business pursuits. He likes an orderly household, and often gets frustrated when his wife’s sloppy habits keep his house from being that way.

Amos Pasang
Generation Five First Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Diana Bradford + Lee Pasang = Amos)
Taurus – 9/4/9/10/3

Amos is a hard working person who puts all his energy into his family. If he had been born in a different time, he would have been perfectly happy being a stay-at-home dad. However, he works diligently at his military career to provide for his wife and son.

Kea Centowski Pasang
Generation Five First Cousin’s Wife
Sagittarius – 2/3/9/7/4

Kea would be perfectly happy to let her husband stay at home while she went to work and served as the family’s primary breadwinner. However, she knows that these times do not allow for that, so she does her best to satisfy her thirst for knowledge by reading everything she can get her hands on.

Esther Bear Menon
Generation Five First Cousin
Twin to Eldon Bear
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Anne Bradford + Joseph Bear = Esther)
Scorpio – 6/5/8/3/3

As the stronger of the two twins, Esther was always the leader. Fiercely loyal, she frequently put her schoolmates in their place when they would tease Eldon about his delicate nature. As she grew older, this headstrong temperament often led her to clash with those around her. Secretly, her mother feared that she would never find a husband, but Esther eventually began seeing Jason Menon, who turned out to be a near perfect match.

Jason Menon
Generation Five First Cousin’s Husband
Scorpio – 6/5/8/3/3

Jason was an up-and-coming musician who fell hard and fast for Esther. Because of his chosen career, it took him some time to convince Esther’s parents that he would be able to provide a comfortable home for her. Their daughter, Calla, is his greatest source of inspiration. Now that he has a child, he especially enjoys his chosen career as it allows him to spend his days doting on his little girl.

Eldon Bear
Generation Five First Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Anne Bradford + Joseph Bear = Eldon)
Aries – 7/9/9/4/3

Eldon suffered the most of Anne’s twins from his premature birth. He was always delicate, and tired easily after playing even the simplest of games. Consequently, he always had someone hovering over him, asking about how he felt. His weak nature led him to be quite the bookworm, and he was great friends with his cousin Lizzie. When he went off to college, he met the woman who would become his wife during a daily prescribed walk. He loves his daughter very much, but he secretly worries that his constitution is not strong enough for him to be around to see her grow up.

Ericka Jayapalan Bear

Generation Five First Cousin’s Wife
Taurus – 5/9/6/4/4

Ericka managed to catch Eldon’s eye, but she never thought he’d ask her to marry him. Still, the Bear house and grounds have allowed her to peruse her love of gardening. She is very amorous, and her husband’s weak constitution doesn’t allow him to show his affections as often as Ericka would like. There are times when she regrets accepting his proposal, but has decided to make the best of her situation for the sake of her daughter.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bradford Seiff
Generation Five Spare
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Matthew Bradford + Jan Danaher = Elizabeth)
Aquarius – 5/2/4/9/7

Lizzie, though the older of the Bradford twins, was often pushed aside in favor of her brother. Thus, she grew up with a complex that made her believe that men were more valuable to society than women. Her grandmother and brother did their best to help her see pas that, but they didn’t fully succeed. Her mother did her best to force Lizzie into a very traditional woman’s role, and Lizzie did her best to rebel. It wasn’t until Lizzie went to college that she was able to come into her own, and discovering herself led her to Jason Seiff, the man she would marry. Jason was the first person, other than her brother, to love Lizzie for who she was, and never tried to change her. She delights in her current situation, even if her son can be difficult at times.

Jason Seiff
Generation Five Spare’s Husband
Sagittarius – 2/3/9/7/4

Jason was on the fast track to becoming Portsimouth’s most noted entertainer when he saw Lizzie in the public gardens. He boldly introduced himself, and thanks his lucky stars every day since then that he decided to take a walk that afternoon. He knows that Lizzie’s life was difficult, and tries to shower her with affections and makes her realize that she is a wonderful person.

Jefferson Bradford
Generation Five Heir
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Matthew Bradford + Jan Danaher = Jefferson)
Capricorn – 10/3/3/9/10

As the heir to the Bradford line, Jefferson could have easily become spoiled and power-hungry like his father. Quite the opposite, Jefferson was born one of the nicest people you would ever meet, but his fault was always wanting to please those around him. As nice as he was, he was also shy, and it took him a long time to find his voice. His childhood crush on his sister’s friend was the biggest victim of his shyness, and he nearly missed his chance at happiness because he didn’t have the courage to go forward.

He fell for his mother’s ploy of putting a pretty face in front of him, and asked Melanie Miller to marry him. Fortunately, he came to his senses and they didn’t marry. Unfortunately, it was at a rather inopportune moment, and he left her at the altar. He then eloped with Marsha, and the two of them are ready to face whatever Jan has to throw at them together.

Marsha Bruenig Bradford
Generation Five Heir’s Wife
Virgo – 9/2/6/3/5

Marsha grew up in the village, and was a great friend of Lizzie. She was as shy as Jefferson, and though she always harbored feelings for him, she never spoke up. Her overprotective father nearly got in the way of her being with Jefferson, as his insistence that only he could chaperone her outings forced her to refuse an invitation from the young man. When word came out that Jefferson was engaged to Melanie, she was devastated, and made the decision to pack up and head West to teach.

Luckily, Jefferson came to his senses, and the two of them ended up together. Marsha delights in being a mother, but worries that Jan isn’t the best influence on her children. She may appear meek, but she has learned from her mistake in remaining silent, and is prepared to fight for what she wants.

Lila Gavigan
Generation Five Third Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Primrose Bradford + Isaiah Gavigan = Roger Gavigan + Anna Cleaves = Vertaline Gavigan + Derek Vijayaker = Lila)
Gemini – 3/10/9/10/1

The heiress to the Gavigan line that can be traced back to the colonial Governor wants nothing more than to enjoy life, and to see how much of the family fortune she can squander. Her quick temper kept many would-be marriage prospects away, but she eventually settled on Samuel Wilkie, and what Lila wants, Lila gets.

Samuel Wilkie Gavigan
Generation Five Third Cousin’s Husband
Aries – 5/8/6/3/3
Pleasure/Grilled Cheese

Samuel was all too happy to marry into the wealthy Gavigan family. His family was even happier. He enjoys helping Lila whittle away at the family fortune, and does his best to keep his obsession with a warm, melty sandwich that he adores from her, lest she disapprove.

Sally Thompson
Generation Five Third Cousin
(John Bradford+ Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Richard Thompson + Renee Johnson = Abraham Thompson + Gretchin Chin = Sally)
Gemini – 4/9/9/6/4

Sally is a pretty girl who knows that she’s pretty. She grew up surrounded by wealth and privilege, but she somehow managed to avoid being completely spoiled. She is used to getting what she wants, from the man she chose to marry to having a career when most women of her day did not.

Juan Harris Thompson
Generation Five Third Cousin’s Husband
Gemini – 1/7/5/3/3

Juan grew up in the mountain village of Three Lakes, and was shocked when Sally Thompson, of the Simsfield Thompsons, set her sights on him. There are times when he misses the rural mountains where he grew up, but realizes that he is extremely fortunate to have married into such a family. Besides, he now has enough money to buy a vacation house in his hometown, where he can show off his new and improved situation to his former friends.

George Horace Alcott
Generation Five Second Cousin AND Generation Five Third Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Eliza Bradford + Horace Alcott = Robert Alcott + Matilda Ryan = George)
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Rebecca Thompson + Timothy Ryan = Matilda Ryan +Robert Alcott = George)
Aries – 7/9/5/5/3

George knew from a young age that he wanted to be a lawyer. His mother’s reconciliation with his grandmother was the key factor in making his dream a reality. With all his time for devoted to studying, he didn’t have much time for a social life. He had liked Melanie Miller for some time, but she was his cousin’s girl and he didn’t want to intrude. When things didn’t work out between Jefferson and Melanie, he jumped at his chance. There are times that he wonders if Melanie married him because she truly cared for him or if it was a convenient escape from her situation, but mostly he thanks the powers that be for his luck.

Melanie Miller Alcott
Generation Five Second Cousin’s Wife AND Generation Five Third Cousin’s Wife
Virgo – 9/2/6/3/5

Melanie came from a upper-middle class family in Portsimouth, and her parents were acquaintances of Jan Bradford. Through this connection, she was introduced to Jefferson. Melanie cared greatly for Jefferson, but more because of the safety and security a husband like him would provide. Still, she was fond of him, and devastated when he left her at the altar and eloped with Marsha. She sought solace with George Alcott, and she is, for the most part, content with her lot in life. She has her moments, though, when she gets furious at Jefferson and his family for putting her in a situation where she was humiliated and Jefferson’s family hardly seemed to suffer any consequences. This is made worse by the fact that her son Sterling and Jefferson’s son James have become friends.

Victor Hutchins
Generation Five First Cousin AND Generation Five First Cousin’s Husband
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Henrietta Bradford + Prof. Leonid Hutchins = Victor)
Scorpio – 10/3/9/10/1

Victor grew up in a home where he was adored by his mother and ignored and often berated by his father. Though Henri did her best to make life as normal as possible for her son, Victor saw how his parents’ marriage was strained and he thought that was what happened to married couples after a time. When he fell in love with Jane, he initially wanted to ignore his feelings because he respected her too much to make her life miserable. After Henri set him straight, he found all that he had ever hoped for with Jane. Their life together is all he hoped for, and he can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Jane Thayer Hutchins
Generation Five First Cousin AND Generation Five First Cousin’s Wife
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Philomena Bradford + Meadow Thayer = Jane (ADOPTED))
Virgo – 8/2/6/1/8

Jane doesn’t remember much about her early years, nor her surname before she came to the orphanage. She knew that she should be grateful for the comfort and care the orphanage provided to her, but she couldn’t help but feel envious when a couple came and took one of the smaller children away for their own. When Meadow came and picked her out, she was so excited to be part of a real family. Still, she couldn’t help the lingering feeling that she wasn’t a true part of the family. When she fell in love with Victor, she didn’t dare believe that he would be able to love a nobody like her. Now that they are married, she can’t believe how happy she is, and how much she looks forward to seeing what the future holds for her family.

Maurice Alcott
Generation Five Second Cousin AND Generation Five Third Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Eliza Bradford + Horace Alcott = Lawrence Alcott + Lorraine Phoenix = Maurice)
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Sophia Thompson + Jimmy Phoenix = Lorraine Phoenix + Lawrence Alcott = Maurice)
Scorpio – 7/5/9/3/1
Maurice is happiest when he’s surrounded by family. He would like nothing more to have a house bursting at the seams with children, but his wife isn’t quite so inclined. Still, he does his best to be content with his current lot in life, and hopes that his son will find a wife who is willing to give Maurice lots and lots of grandchildren.

La Shawn Cameron Alcott
Generation Five Second Cousin’s Wife AND Generation Five Third Cousin’s Wife
Cancer – 6/3/6/4/6

La Shawn never really wanted to marry, but did so because she knew what her options were as a woman. She chose Maurice because he was nice and because she knew he would be kind, and she knew no greater relief than when she had a son on her first try. Now, she quietly focuses on her career, as her greatest ambition is to be a well-respected private investigator.

Josephine Turner
Generation Five Second Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Patrick Bradford + Margaret Turner = Andrew Turner + Lyndsay Louie = Josephine)
Sagittarius – 2/10/10/10/2

Josephine, or Jo as her family called her, never played house as her peers did when she was a child. Jo was much more interested in delving into the vast library in her house, or attending a party with her friends. She married for an improved social station, so she could attend events in a higher circle than the one her parents resided in, and to get her mother off her back. Now, she hopes that her parents don’t ask to many questions about why she and her husband have decided that they don’t want children.

Dickson Hollmo
Generation Five Second Cousin’s Husband
Leo – 0/10/6/6/2

Dickson came from a family in excellent standing in Portsimouth, and though Jo was somewhat lower in class than he, her insistence that she didn’t want children is what sealed the deal for him. As the middle of twelve children, Dickson wanted no part of a family of his own; his siblings could take on the responsibility of carrying on the family name. Now, he and his wife can enjoy attending parties, going to the theater, and travelling without having to worry about who’s going to care for the children.

Peter Langerak
Generation Five First Cousin & Generation Five Third Cousin’s Husband
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas Bradford + Carolina Bui = Alexander Bradford + Kaylynn Langerak = Peter)
Gemini – 2/9/9/3/7

Peter grew up in the “Wild West,” and as a result he became a rather adventurous man. His best friend was his cousin Lenora, who he quickly fell in love with when they became older. Peter loves the freedoms that living in Simta Fe allows him, but he knows that his wife would rather return to the refinement of the city. He worries that, when his parents pass and he has no excuse to stay, she’ll force him to do so.

Lenora Dancer Langerak
Generation Five Third Cousin & Generation Five First Cousin’s Wife
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Richard Thompson + Renee Johnson = Isaac Thompson + Holly Dancer = Lenora)
Capricorn – 10/8/4/7/5

Lenora learned early that she was the daughter of a woman of ill repute, and she thanks her lucky stars each and every day that Isaac acknowledged her as his daughter. She likes Simta Fe well enough, but she found the East and Portsimouth to be more to her liking, both because of its refinement and the lack of knowing stares of her siring from the townsfolk. She would have preferred to stay in Massimchusetts after graduating from SimRadcliffe, but Peter insisted that his parents needed him to help run the farm as they aged. She hopes that she will be able to return East in the future, and live her life as a lady of means.

Garrett Pitts
Generation Five Second Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Eliza Bradford + George McCarthy = Amelia McCarthy +Ashley Pitts = Garrett)
Gemini – 2/9/9/3/1

Garrett was a handsome young man who left a string of broken hearts behind when he took off for university. His college years fell into a similar pattern, as he wined and dined a good portion of the ladies in the Portsimouth area. Unfortunately, just before his graduation, he was struck with the Simmish Influenza epidemic that was running rampant across the country at that moment.  His mother and father rushed to his side to nurse him, but they too fell ill. All three succumbed to the disease, thus ending the Pitts line in Masssimchusetts.

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