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Chapter 19 Outtakes and Picspam

What’s this? Picspam within a reasonable amount of time from when the chapter came out? I’m feeling inspired. Plus, I’ve got lots of outtakes from the last rotation that didn’t make it into the chapter to share.

First, generation 4 is dying.

This is Vertaline Gavigan, the first person to go. She lived to be 79. I took no other pics in her household, because right now her family is boring.

Next, we visit the Lawrence Alcotts.

This is Silas (John – Elias – Eliza – Lawrence – Maurice – Silas). He’ll be Fortune when he becomes a teen during the winter rotation. He’s kind of a looker, and I’m still deciding who he’ll get paired up with. Lots of cousins will be marrying this coming generation, in an attempt to control the population.

Why I refuse to use the matchmaker:

This is now-deceased Garrett Pitts with one of his blind dates. That’s a VERY pregnant Erika Bear there. So not appropriate. Garrett caught the flu not long after this, and I let him die. Hey, the Spanish Influenza wiped out a very large portion of the US population in the late 1910’s (including one set of my great-grandparents), so it made sense. Plus, I was bored with him.

When Garrett died (and his parents, Ashley & Amelia), I moved them into my simself’s lot, so I wouldn’t end up with a haunted house. This is the result:

Georgianna Simself. I’ve never done a Reaper child before, and wanted to see if they were as cute as everyone claimed. They are.

As I made my Simself Family, she likes having a child around very much. And she grew up even better.

She’s a Gemini (7/10/10/3/5), and will be Romance when she becomes a teen. I have someone in mind for her when she gets older. I figure she’ll like being with another Romance sim.

Okay, onto the Robert Alcotts.

Game!Melanie does some weird stuff, like steeling the Bradford’s newspapers. But she’s really sweet with Sterling. Of course, Sterling is a teenager, which means he gets surly from time to time.

“Gah, I hate you!” He argues so well.

One more pic before we leave this household.

Robert and Matilda, my star-crossed couple. They did quite well for themselves. Matilda is going to go soon, during the winter rotation I’m pretty sure (I looked at her days left with the Shrub, but can’t remember right now). That makes me sad. I really like her, and she’s so cute with Robert. Sigh.

Let’s head to Simta Fe for a quick visit, shall me?

This is Mildred Langerak, daughter of Peter & Lenora. She’s a Libra (5/9/4/7/7), and will be Popularity when she teenifies later. I thought I had a picture of her as a toddler, but I guess not. She’s pretty cute though.

Okay, back to Simsfield. Let’s look at some more of the cuteness that is William Eldon Bear.

He’s adorable! And a great personality too – Pisces (7/5/9/4/10). He’ll be Family like his big sister when the time comes.

Speaking of big sister:

Her favorite childhood pastime. She really did jump rope all the time.

And she really does have just 1 nice point. She always cheats at chess.

She’s a real beauty too. I think I know who I’m pairing her with, but I’m going to wait until the first batch of teens go to college before I make my final calls.

Lastly, a blooper. Anne was really determined to give Joseph a backrub.

Her face says it all. “I’m not doing this right, am I?”

Where to next? How about that Hutchins/Thayer house? I have a ton of pics from there (because I can’t control myself when it comes to any of them). First, enjoy the panic of a new baby arriving.

Sheesh, people. It’s just a baby. Relax.

I really, really, really love the Cuddle Under the Clouds/Stars action.

Such a sweet moment.

The feedback on the adoption of Raymond has been great. I did not create him; the game spawned him when I picked “child” as what I wanted to adopt. And his name was Ray, which I changed to Raymond, a name that was actually really popular during that era.

He’s a sweet little boy.

Cute toddlers are cute.

Asher has a really good blend of his parent’s features. I can’t wait to see what he looks like grown up.

Birthday spam!

Meadow really does love the babies. If I ever do another story, I’m so putting her and Phily in it, and they’re going to have babies of their own. I bet their genetics would look great together.

More cute toddlers are cute:

“Higher, Grandma, higher!”

The ceilings that came with AL are great, but they do cause some problems:


Lastly, I got the boys into private school.

When Octavia becomes a child, I’ll cheat her in. Once the family has been accepted in the spare houses, all the kids are as far as I’m concerned.

A quick trip to the Menon house. Calla is a little beauty.

It’s easy to see why Taddy was so taken with her. Plus, he’s got a thing for redheads. Oh, and did I mention she’s Romance too?

I bought a telescope for the family because Calla wanted one and needed an aspiration boost before becoming a teen. This is what it gets used for:

Lila is the neighborhood slapper, so she and Jason don’t get along so well.

That’s all there is of that. Let’s drop in on the Seiffs, shall we?

Taddy brought Viola home from school one day. I almost included this in the chapter, but Taddy is always with James, so it seemed odd that he would hang out with Viola without James around.

Have I mentioned I love the “Don’t Wake the Llama” game?

It causes such great faces.

Taddy, all ready to grow up.

I must admit, I was hoping he’d roll Knowledge, as he’s such a good little skiller. But no, he had to be a Romance sim. At least he didn’t get a numbered LTW.

I completely rebuilt the one-room schoolhouse for this chapter. It’s mostly historically accurate, but it’s hard to find wall-hangings that worked. I also made new teachers, as I built the school as a residential lot (much easier to film on it that way).

James really is obsessed with playing ball.

Such a good face. Too bad his hair glitched.

School spam:

For those that care, Orson Pasang is the blond boy child, and the little redheaded girl is Ivy Thompson. The teen boy playing basketball with Sterling is Harris Gavigan, and the teen girl in the brown suit is Muriel Gavigan, Harris’ twin.

Taddy and Calla get along well.

I am very happy that Taddy chose her.

Outtakes from Taddy & James’ scene after school.

“Dude, you’re ditching me for a girl?”

“Well, yeah.”

“See, I’m under a spell of some sort. I can’t resist her.”

At least he looks a little guilty in this shot.

Okay, let’s wrap things up with the main household. Matthew may be a heartless bastard, but he does have his moments.

He can be a good grandpa, when he’s not trying to take over the world.

Cute toddlers are cute:

I love this little guy. If I didn’t have the rule about first born male inheriting, I’d probably make Cyrus the heir.

Jefferson being Jefferson.

He’s the first tub pirate I’ve had in the main house, and it always makes me laugh.

James actually grew up in a halfway decent outfit. I was impressed. But because he’s so playful, he’s not impressed when I tell him to play chess.

It’s fun, James. I swear!

Jefferson having 10 nice points sucks sometimes. Like when you want him to be angry with someone.

Can’t you make faces like your mother for once??? Facial overlays don’t seem to work with him either. It’s annoying.

Lastly, Viola’s birthday.

So sweet and innocent.

She grew up into an okay outfit too.

It wasn’t exactly what I would pick for her, but it works.

That’s all. Hope you enjoyed!


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Apr. 20th, 2011 05:28 pm (UTC)
So much spam. Such cute kids.

I was hoping that would be Jan with Grim, that pair seem rather long lived.

All your teens are turning out to be gorgeous, especially the girls.

You’re so lucky with your adopted children, I've only adopted a few times and my game seems to sporn ugly kids.

Cyrus is very cute. I would probably pick him too. I never made any rules about who could inherit apart from a male. But I guess in those times eldest normally did, unless something happened to them... Photobucket

What year are you up to? I bet getting fashions is rather hard. I'm always impressed how most the kids in particular end up wearing something slightly different, although I thought maybe the boys wouldn't be wearing the suits if it's close to the 1920's? I could be wrong but I was thinking shirts, long shorts and maybe suspenders? Of course finding such things may be easier said than done. The ones my heir wears seems more 1930 flavour to me. But I think they have a bit more of a gangster feel then you would want.

Apr. 20th, 2011 08:30 pm (UTC)
So much spam because I take way too many pictures.

No, sadly Jan has 6 days left. Matthew has 4. Therefore, Jan will live to see one more spring planting. Ha ha ha.

I've been lucky with the genetics, that's for sure. Ivy Thompson's a little mouthy, but nothing too bad with the right hair and makeup.

I've gotten the fuggly kids from the adoption pool too. That's why Jane was created. I took my chances with Raymond, and I lucked out.

Cyrus is adorable, and his personality's great too, which is why I'd pick him (10/1/6/8/10). Unless James get hit by lightening or a satelite, he'll be bringing in gen 7.

I'm in the 1910s. Prohibition (1919) will occur just before James heads off to college. The next generations are going to get interesting, clothing-wise. All About Style's got some good stuff, but I'll probably be pulling from the 1920s and 1930s for generation 6, 1940s/1950s for gen 7, 1970s/1980s for gen 8, 1990s/2000 for gen 9, and current for gen 10.

Who says James wouldn't want to be gangster? He does want to be a Criminal Mastermind, after all.
Apr. 20th, 2011 05:36 pm (UTC)
Haha, the Spanish flu excuse is great. A disease that somehow only kills boring sims. All your sims this generation (including your Reaper child) are very cute, but you have so many Romance sims!
Apr. 20th, 2011 08:37 pm (UTC)
Any excuse for getting rid of sims that bore me.

Do I really have lots of Romance simsin gen 6?...(checks notebook)...I have 5 Romance, 5 Popularity, 3 Knowledge, and 2 each of Fortune, Family, and Pleasure. At least the ones who are teens and rolled LTWs aren't giving me number ones. I can totally deal with Romance sims who want to top a career. They aren't too bad.
Apr. 21st, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)
Marrying cousins = totally logical. I do it for pop control myself.

Reaper kids = totally cute.

Awww, toddlers!

...That ceiling DOES look painful. Ouch.
Apr. 21st, 2011 11:12 am (UTC)
Marrying cousins = sanity via population control. I'm going to cut the number of houses I need to play down by at least 2 after all the weddings of gen 6 occur.

Reaper kids are adorable. Georgianna is a little doll.

Toddlers are cute. I've gotten lucky with the adorableness.

I love the ceilings, except for when they get in the way.
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