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Chapter 20 Outtakes and Picspam

Greetings! Let me show you a sampling of what didn't make the cut for the latest chapter in my legacy. And by sampling, I mean almost 100 pics. Sigh. Ever since I discovered camraman mode, I've been going a little overboard.

Gavigan Manor
Not much happened here except Derek died. Have some shots of that.

(Oh, I would have loved a shot like this for when Matthew went)

Phoenix Apartment
Again, not much happened here. Cole passed away, and the lot was getting glitchy so I moved them into a house.

I forgot to take pics of the new house. Maybe I'll remember for the next picspam.

Pasang House
Lee went to join Di in the afterlife. I apparently fail at photographing that household, because all I have for you is this:

Of course, Lee had to be in the smallest hallway in the house when Grimmy came for him. Oh, well.

Bear House
Well, there were a few big events here. First, I lost Joseph.

Very sad. I liked him a lot.

I have pointed it out before, but Cordy is GORGESOUS!

Her little brother isn't bad himself.

Yes, William Eldon grew up to a child the night his grandpa died. He is very good looking, and resembles Eldon quite strongly. He and Cordy get along great.


And I also lost Anne. My beautiful, spunky Anne.

Oh, Anne. You were so great, and I wasn't always nice to you. At least she's got Joseph and Eldon to keep her company.

Langerak House
Quick trip to Simta Fe to see the spawn of Peter and Lenora:

Mildred looks so much like Kaylynn it's scary.

Simself House
I've added my Simself's house to the rotation since she had Reaper spawn. Georgianna will be playing a role in generation 6. Of course, Sim!SilverBelle won't be aging at all.

This pic should give you a clue as to my plans for her.

And she became a teenager.

And she is pretty. And a Romance Sim, who wants to be be a Professional Party Guest. That I can live with.

Robert Alcotts
The passing of generation 4 continues with Matilda Ryan Alcott.

I had so much fun with her plotline of forbidden love and elopement. It was sad to see her go as well.

To cheer Robert up, I sent him to Takemizu Village.

He learned to teleport, which he will probably never use.

And then, we have Sterling and Viola. They are such a cute pair. After Melanie "left" for Sarsimsota Springs, I had Sterling invite Viola over. This is what happened when he asked her to slow dance.

"Hands where I can see them, Sterling."

I actually wanted to use this shot in the chapter, but someone decided to spoil it.

And my Photoshop skills aren't so good that I could edit her out.

Thayer/Hutchins Household
I go photo crazy here. I always do. Victor, Jane, and their spawn are wonderful, and I want to capture every moment. Plus, I knew this would be my last chance with Henri, so I went a little crazy.

First, the happy couple.

I hadn't seen the cuddle in bed interaction in forever. After doing some research, I discovered a conflicting hacked object. Object was deleted, and I have cuddling again. Yay!

These two as well.

Phily still has not developed a taste for art.

I would think that she could appreciate her daughter's wedding portrait.

The newest Olympic sport:

Sycronized hand stretching.

Cute kiddies are cute:

I love the shots through the windows.

More couples pics:

So much in love.

I installed a lighting mod that gives me dawn and dusk. I will show you how pretty it looks now.

It looks like the kids are playing in the twilight.

I have a new newspaper snatcher.

I don't know why Harris Gavigan went all the way to Portsimouth to steal the newspaper. It's quite far away from Simsfield.

Phily is a good grandma.

She seems to to this just about every night. <3

The snowball fight really did end because the kids were getting cold.

A hot bath fixed him right up.

And then, it was time to say goodbye to Henri.

(I love this shot. It's as if he's saying, "You're here for my grandma? No!)

But I think this little guy took it hardest of all.

Poor Raymond's birthday was the same night. Obviously I didn't write it that way, but that's how it played out, so he was still very unhappy.

Last shot from this house:

Yes, Victor is heart-farting Jan. Shudder.

Seiff House
Ah, young love.

Of course, when the two teens in question are both Romance Sims, attachement isn't something they seek out.

Taddy takes after his mama.

He's taken to doing this whenever he gets a few free seconds.

Party spam!

This last shot needs a little explination. After the rebuild, Viola and Taddy did not get flagged as cousins for some reason. Hence the heart-farting. I fixed that REAL quick, believe me. Second cousins and beyond, okay. First cousins, NO FREAKING WAY.

Lizzie is very striking.

And she is funny when she's mad.

Yes, Lizzie, you lost.

And lastly, there is Jacques.

I wish that Sims would go running when their pets die, but unless they're in the same room, the don't seem to care. Sigh. Go enjoy playing fetch all day long, Jacques. You were a good dog, and you will be missed.

Bradford Farm (Main Household)
Okay, onto the main family. Cyrus is a little smarty pants.

And Marsha is the proud Mama. (See Jan in the background there, not giving a crap?)

Another pic to show my new pretty lighting.

Doesn't it look nice in Viola's room in the morning?

Proof that Marsha held her own in the fight with Melanie.

Marsha says "Don't mess with me!"


He's not bad looking at all.


"I am so happy!"

Uninvited guests:

Abraham was the only one who actually got away with something. Not that the cops caught the burglar. My newly spawned officer is a weakling. I may go give her a few body points so that she at least has a chance.

I know I've made Jan and Matthew out to be heartless, but they really do care about each other.

This was the morning of the day that Matthew died, and I think she knew it.

And it's shocking how similar they both are.

Same pose, differnt rooms.

This is what Jan looked like when Grimmy first showed up.

Emotionless, as always.

And then, Matthew went.

Yes, Jan was the only one in the room. Yes, she was the only one who cried a lot.

Matthew Bradford, you were an unimaginable bastard, and I hated you, but it was a lot of fun to write you. I may try another villian down the road.

Let's end with something that's a little happier, shall we?

Cyrus' birthday. Look at those cheeks!

Believe it or not, that's the end. I played all the spares who don't feature in the next chapter today, and now I can map out some of the stuff that needs to happen next chapter (James' first meeting with his future wife, for example!). No promises on a timeline for the next chapter, but stay tuned.


Jun. 6th, 2011 06:56 pm (UTC)
This chapter was particulary epic on the unused photos. I'm talking in the range of 600ish. :D

Thank you! I'm very proud of my Sim!Daughter.

Nope, no one was even there (and I may have canceled a few action queues to get the shots I wanted. I think Jefferson cried a little after the fact, but he's got 10 nice points. I would expect nothing less from him.

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