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Chapter 21 Picspam - Spares

Bonjour! I’ll be doing the picspam for the latest chapter slightly differently this time around, mostly because I take so many pictures in the household featured in the story that if I did it one batch it would be ridiculously long. So for the first round of pictures, you get to see the spares and spares of spares that don’t make it into the story as more than background filler. If you get confused as to how they all fit it, check out the family tree. It’s updated to where we are in the story. I’ll be updating it soon to reflect the marriages that will be taking place during the summer rotation.

And now, have some pictures.

Gavigan Manor
(John-Primrose-Roger-Vertaline-Lila-Harris & Muriel)

The Gavigan family and their messed-up genetics are driving me nuts right now. I’m sure you’ve all see the AL family the Gavigans, and they’re no genetic prize, but I knew that. Some of the other woes I’ll explain in a moment.

First, have a horrible age transition outfit.

Have I mentioned that I hate the majority of the female elder cholthes?

This is the genetics mess of I was speaking of.

This is Lila’s husband, Samuel Wilkie (one of the NL teens, half-shaved head with long hair on the other side & puffy vest). He has a broken face template, so it reverted to face 1 when he elderfied. I fixed him (and now have Samuel II sitting in my Sim Bin), but I haven’t fixed his kids yet (I wondered why their looks changed so much when they went to college). Not sure I’m going to bother fixing them either. They’re spares, and I don’t really care about them anymore

And this is the two as elders.


Lastly, see Harris and Muriel with their college makeovers.

Muriel’s’ bob isn’t entirely period-accurate, but as I said, she’s a spare and I don’t care.

Thompson House

Generation 4 was (and still is) hanging around in this house. Sadly, I lost Abraham during the rotation.

Everyone was very sad.

Well, almost everyone. Someone couldn’t be bothered to get up from writing in her diary.

I have no idea why she’s worried about the Hula Girl reading what she wrote.

Lawrence Alcotts

To prove that I am fair to some of the ladies in my legacy, proof that I will let spares to career-related LTWs.

La Shawn (gah) got to be Captain Hero. I think George is a little shocked to see her flying.

My simself is apparently the new telescope-poker.

Poor Silas.

I lost both Lorraine and Lawrence this time around. :( Lorraine went first.

Of course, Grimmy made me laugh.
Yeah, you’re all powerful and can move through walls and stuff.

Then, the next day, Lawrence went.

Everyone cried, but Lawrence was happy to get to see Lorraine again.

Not sure why Maurice is smiling…meh, don’t really care.

Pasang House
(John-Elias-Thomas-Diana-Amos -Orson)

Only one picture here. Both Amos and his wife Kea are now elders. They are pretty.

Bear House
(John-Elias-Thomas-Anne-Eldon-Cordelia & William)

Things here were a little busier. While no one died, someone did get old.

Ericka. She’s still pretty.

Cordy also is rather vain.

She checks herself out in every single mirror in the house.

Also, William Eldon grew up.

He looks like a redheaded version of his father. See Eldon’s portrait for comparison.

Sigh. I almost wish I hadn’t killed Eldon. Almost.

At the end of Spring, Cordy went off to college. William was the only one who bothered to say goodbye.

I love Cordy. Why? Because she grew up into a decent outfit.

Were we in modern times, I would probably let her keep it. But I had to make her over.

Oo la la! I kept her hairdo because I couldn’t find a short one I liked on her. Besides, I doubt that every single woman hacked off her hair during the 20’s.

Langerak Homestead

Only 2 shots from here; I was hurrying to get through this house at the time. First, see how pretty Simta Fe looks at sunset.

That’s Mildred jumping in the puddle. Normally that drives me nuts but she needed to get her fun up before school so I let her.

Sometime during the rotation, she became a teenager.

She looks almost exactly like Kaylynn, but with different hair and eyes.

Phoenix House

I moved the Phoenixes out of their apartment and into a house. I loved the terrace apartments I built, but apartment living was bugging me. So I found an art-decoish house on MTS that I downloaded for them. Since they’re spares, I only pulled inappropriate electronics.

Katerina finally went. I was shocked that she lived so long, considering the fact that she wasn’t perma-plat when she became an elder. She outlived Cole by about 12 days.

I liked her. Had she not had black hair, I probably would have saved her for a legacy wife. But at the time, I was going for recessives.

Of course, the family was sad.

Then, Myrtle and Alonzo became elders. See another horrific elder outfit.

Much better after a makeover.

Then, Pierce went to college. Both his parents were there to say goodbye.

Of course, as they’re both Romance, they didn’t mind having the house to themselves.

Lastly, see Pierce with his college makeover.

Not too shabby.

Simself Cottage
I liked the sign I made for Phily’s suffragette scene so much that I put one on my front lawn too.

My simself has a lot of nice points. Hence, the random scarily happy smiles.

I have no clue what brought that on. Maybe that was her “I’m pretending that I can’t see my sim daughter making out with her boyfriend on the couch look.” Cause seriously, try to have 2 Romance teenager from putting their hands all over each other.  No, that can't be it because I can see Georgianna in the background as I staged pics for the wall photos.  Oh well.

College Dorm (Random Maxis one)

So the spares of spares and such are not getting put in the dorms I built/made over. I can’t be bothered having them take up space, and since they get cheated a degree, who cares. But I did have a few things happen that are noteworthy.

There are engagements. Two.

Harris and Cordy.

And Muriel and Pierce. They’ll be getting married in the Summer rotation.

That’s all from the spares. I’ll have the main households up at some point.


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Aug. 1st, 2011 07:06 pm (UTC)
The broken face templates are always ouchy, aren't they?

Yeah, elder outfits can...suck.

Yay engagements!
Aug. 7th, 2011 09:13 pm (UTC)
Broken face templates suck. Boo EAxis. I've downloaded the fixes, so hopefully that will be it.

Elder outfits are bad. Makes me glad I'm playing a period legacy.

Yay engagments, because engagements = weddings = babies = NEW GENERATION. Gen 7! Only 3 to go!!!
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