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Again, I have some pictures to share from the legacy spring rotation. I went nuts with the pictures again (as is the norm nowadays), so I’m splitting this into two parts. First, enjoy spam from the Hutchins, Menon, Ryan, and Seiff households. The Bradford house and the college years will come in a few days (or sooner, depending on how things go).

Hutchins House
(John-Elias-Thomas-Henrietta-Victor-Asher/Octavia/Raymond) and

This house is always busy. With 7 Sims now (sobHenri’sgonesob), it’s hard for it not to be. There were a lot of birthdays this time around. First up, Asher.

He’s rather excitable. And then he was a teenager.

Asher is a lovely blend of Jane and Victor’s features, which is nice since his sister is all Victor and Raymond, being adopted, has nothing from them.

Asher is Knowledge/Fortune with a LTW to become Education Minister. I love it when my Sims give me LTWs that I can do. But now that he was a teenager, it was time to introduce him to his future wife.

Her name is Vivian McClellen. She is a newly-spawned vacation teen from the rebuild. I’m excited about her because she’s blonde and has some of the custom eyes I installed. She also has Kaylynn’s face template, which makes things interesting/creepy.


Because Raymond is going to marry Mildred Langerak, who is practically a Kaylynn clone. Two brothers marrying look-alikes. Kinda creepy (Mildred and Raymond meeting will play into the next chapter’s plot).

What else? Victor became Captain Hero and perma-plat.

He’ll get to keep the job for a while. After all, they do have three kids to graduate from college (Jane’s LTW). He’ll retire when the grandbabies start.

I love Octavia. She is a little cutie, and looks just like her papa.

And she’s a little smarty pants. Her first A+. She how proud Mama Jane is?

Now let’s have some Octavia birthday pictures.

I love that shot. Birthday sparkles!

Octavia grew up into a questionable outfit.

It would work though, because her hobby is sports.

After a makeover:

Octavia is Pleasure/Romance with the LTW to have 50 1st dates. I do not like this LTW, therefore, she will be wishing for whatever it is that the genie does to make you perma-plat. It will not work, as she has an intended all lined up.

Yes, that is William Bear. They don’t share many bolts, but I don’t care. They’re the same age.

As you can see, Octavia’s not too thrilled either.

She is very neat.

She cleans everything. I almost (almost) don’t need a maid in this house. If they didn’t have so much money, I would probably give him up.

Let’s have a little lovey-dovey-ness

It was spring, which makes the romantic actions take over. I love these two couples. It’s sad to think that Phily and Meadow won’t be around for too much longer.

And Victor had his birthday.

Jane is not happy. She doesn’t like birthday cakes.

Everyone else got into the party spirit though.

So there are three elders in the house again.

Jane doesn’t seem to mind Victor’s gray hair at all.

Lastly from here, have a mad!Phily.

I don’t know what this was all about, but she makes such a good angry face.

Menon House

Only a few shots from here. First, see how Calla fills her days.

“Oh, I’m pretty, oh so pretty!”

“Gah! What is going on over there?” Despite all the time she spends doing that during the day, she has yet to be slapped.

And Esther and Jason, her husband, grew old.

Bad elder clothes. Let’s see them made over.

Much better. Esther’s got a case of the lemon-sucking, though. It comes from her grandmother, Carolina.

Now that Calla’s at college, what are two Romance sims to do?

Yup. Beat the crap out of each other.

Robert Alcotts (Ryan Manor)
(John-Phineas-Rebecca-Matilda-George Horace-Sterling) and
(John-Elias-Eliza-Robert-George Horace-Sterling)

I haven’t been very nice to Melanie, so I did send her on an extended vacation to Three Lakes. George did buy a vacation house for her before she went (they had enough money, and it’s much easier to shoot on residential lots).

She did give me this thoughtful face quite often, as if she were thinking about what she had “done” in the legacy. Of course, I let her have some fun too.

Although, I’m not sure I’d call putting your arm through a stone wall while learning to slapdance fun.

She rolled up the want to meet Bigfoot, so I had her dig for a map until she found one.

I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what, but even after they had the little friends icon in their relationship panel, she didn’t get credit for the want to “Be Friends with Bigfoot.” She did get the vacation memento, so I don’t really care. As much as I like Bigfoot, he’s not coming to Simsfield.

What was Sterling up to while she was “away?”

Why, spending time with his girlfriend, of course. See Robert in the background there playing chaperone?

This is what George does whenever he’s in the room with Melanie.

“My wife is HOT!” So don’t feel bad for her. Game!Melanie gets lots of love.

Sigh. I lost Robert. My brave, stubborn Robert.

I had so much fun with his forbidden love plot. But without Matilda around, he was very mopey. So he’s gone. It’s very sad to watch generation 4 slip away.

And poor George! He cried forever. Of course, he had lots to be sad about.

And the, George became an elder.

Of course, Melanie was home for this, but I locked her in the bathroom as I wasn’t sure if I would put this in the chapter or not yet. Can’t have your estranged wife in the birthday shots, can you?

He’s just as good looking as an elder, if not better.

Seiff House
(John-Elias-Thomas-Matthew-Elizabeth “Lizzie”-Taddy)

The llama game is a big draw for the family.

They use it all the time.

Jason became an elder, and I threw him a party. It ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

Mostly because I phail and forgot to take pictures of him after his birthday. D’oh.

I also had a scene between James and Taddy planned, where they talked about their hopes and fears for college. In the end, I decided that James wouldn’t own up to being afraid of anything. I’ll let you imagine their conversation.

Lastly, I’ve been making family pictures out of one of CashCraft’s meshes. After all, since photograph was in use, I figured families as afulent as the Bradfords would have pictures done. See the ones for the Seiffs.

It’s kind of hard to see, but the frames from left to right are Jacques, Jason and Lizzie, and Taddy.

That’s all for part one. Stay tuned for part two!


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Aug. 8th, 2011 03:20 am (UTC)
Going nuts with the pictures is the way to go. That way you have enough to choose from! It also gives you the chance to see the things you can't show due to historical accuracy - like Victor as Captain Hero.

Yeah, Bigfoot really wouldn't work in your verse. You don't have any supernaturals, do you?

Yay family pictures!
Aug. 8th, 2011 09:30 am (UTC)
When you have loads of pictures to choose from , it does make writing easier, especially when your writing takes a slight detour from the original plan. And it is nice to show the game breaking through the historicalness I've forced on it.

No, I have no supernaturals. I showed John, my founder, becoming a Plantsim, but that was it. I miss them. My next project, whatever that is, will definately feature them.

Family pictures are awesome! You'll see the Bradford ones in the next picspam.
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