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Chapter 21 Picspam - Main Family Part 2

I’m back again with more pictures. This time, we’ll go to the main house, Bradford Farm, and also to some of the outtakes from the college rotation.

Bradford Farm

First, a moment of humor. Jefferson broke the tub.

As you can see, Marsha was not impressed. Jefferson ended up fixing it, and all was good.

It’s a friendly household.

After Viola and Cyrus became best friends, everyone was besties with everyone (except for Jan. Bad Jan).

As I mentioned in the last picspam, I’ve done photographs for everyone. These are the two collections for the Bradfords.

The first grouping on the left of the mantle is of Jefferson and Marsha, solo and together. The one on the right is solo shots of all the kids. Viola also has the one with her and her brother on her dressing table. The one of the kiddies is also on the piano.

This chapter was Jan’s last hurrah.

Here she is, admiring her younger self. She did that a lot towards the end.

I kind of feel bad about what I’ve done with her character. First off, she’s a knowledge sim, with 7 nice points. Yeah, that’s where Jefferson gets it from. I think it’s the face template that made me think that she was the type of person she was. She always kind of looks like she’s looking down her nose at you.

Yes, Jan, I’m sorry for how I wrote you. But Matthew needed a partner in crime, and you had red hair. Case closed. Besides, it was hard enough writing Matthew being a jerk to his brother and sisters. I couldn’t have him do it to his wife too.

But she’s gone.

I will miss the sim, but not the character, if that makes any sense.

Let’s move on to something happier.

Marsha’s planted the garden for the spring. I had her join the garden club. We already have a wishing well at the main house, but I wanted another one. I put it in James’ inventory and it’s now on the fraternity lot, in case I need it for first dates or loves or something for a future heir.

Marsha still loves Jefferson.

So much so that she can walk through walls!

Busy skilling teenagers.

Well, Vi’s skilling her charisma at least. Cyrus is doing James’ homework so he can skill for his last scholarship. Which he never got. He only ended up with 6 cooking points.

Viola is my favorite this generation, I think.

This was almost the closing shot for the chapter.

I knew you could do this with kids, but…

I guess you can do it with teenagers too. Jefferson did this on his own. It was the last night before James went to college, and I bet he was trying to hold on to his little boy. Aw.

Let’s talk about Cyrus for a moment. As I’ve mentioned, he’ll be marrying my sim!daughter, Georgianna.

That was kind of one of the reasons that I spawned her. They’re both Romance, which makes it even better.

Of course, as Romance, they didn’t want to go steady. Too bad. Sim!Me demands a commitment on behalf of my spawn.

This should be an interesting match. Georgianna has a sensible LTW, to be a professional party guest. She will get to do this. Cyrus, on the other hand, wants to woohoo 20 sims. He will not get to do this. Not because he’s marrying my fictional kid; no, because I swore for this legacy that I would only do that LTW for a Romance heir. He is not my heir. Hence, no 20 woohoos for him.

Lastly in this house, Marsha and Jefferson got old. Generation 5 is starting to gray rapidly. I’ve got a ton of birthdays this coming rotation. Sigh. But on the flip side, it means a new generation is coming!

Okay, back to the party. Look at this picture.

I never realized until this shot how much Jefferson and James look alike. In fact, other than his skin tone, I don’t think James got ANYTHING from Marsha.

Party time!

So much excitement.

Marsha did not grow up into a good outfit. Jefferson did.


College “Rotation” – Landgraab Dorm/Bradford Society/Mrs. Seymour’s Boarding House

First, see what my female dormies are wearing?

Yeah, no. I’ll have to keep her out of background shots.

Despite what I wrote, I don’t think Calla likes her makeover.

But she looks good as a blonde. I may let her go back to being a redhead later.

It’s one of my favorite downloads:

I have one in every college house. I only wish there was a way (other than the visitor controller) to keep the llama and the cheerleader out.

James caught the flu from somewhere. I don’t know.

No one could make the soup for him, so he got to talk a lot of bubble baths and relax on his bed for a while, until he was better.

Raising the fun bar after class:

I think James has too many neat points to join in.

My boys are rather good looking.

Holy six-pack Batman!

And now we come to Cindy Selby. I picked her because 1) she’s blonde, and I want an heir with received genes, 2) she’s a Romance sim, and I don’t have that tombstone yet, and 3) her name is Cindy, and as Rose pointed out, I need a Cindy to be a legacy wife to complete the Brady Bunch trifecta (Jan, Marsha, Cindy). But Miss Cindy surprised me, as she is very expressive.

Her backstory took me a while, because she couldn’t go from the meek “spider girl” to the brazen lounge singer without a good reason.

This scene was staged in a dummy hood, on a lot that I build to look like a corner of the park.

James is confused, and Cindy, as you can see, is taken with him. Probably because most guys would throw themselves at a girl like her, and he’s all “whatever.”

I wasn’t 100% happy with this. I wanted James to bow to her, but I couldn’t find a box that would let me do a real looking bow. The BV bow just didn’t look right. I needed a “hand on the waist” bow. But whatever. It ended up being okay.

Let’s see what the actual sims of James and Cindy got up to.

“Hey, baby. I’m legacy heir, you know.”

“Oh, my.”

What’s this? Little pink crush hearts? Yes!

Synchronized “ah-ing.”

So sweet!

She loves him, yeah, yeah, yeah! (Oh, and why did you jump out of the cuddling action, sweetie? I didn’t have a chance to get a picture!)

And now James loves Cindy. (Dance of joy). Bolt check…2! I’ll take it.

James is very much like his father. I think I have a picture of him doing this after he fell in love with Marsha. Men. Food. What’s a girl to do?

Oh, and Cindy did see the inside of the fraternity house. Just the first floor. No woohoo until they get married.

Two more things to wrap this up.

I think Taddy likes Calla as a blonde.

Not think. I know he likes her blonde.

As I said before, Cindy’s pretty awesome. James picking her will set the ball in motion for a few plots that I have in mind. Yes, some of them will come from the kiddies, but I have something in the works that takes into account who she works for. Stay tuned! I’m writing ideas up as we speak.

That’s all the pics I have to share. I'm working on playing through spare households, and writing up key scenes for Chapter 22.


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Aug. 8th, 2011 12:58 pm (UTC)
Why am I not surprised Jan spent a lot of time staring at herself?

Also, sims don't always act their points - 7 nice points really isn't always a guarantee of actually being nice.

And yes, missing the sim but not the character makes complete sense. Sometimes you have to separate the character from the sim for things to really be fair - because they're not always the same.

At least Cyrus can become permaplat through the aspiration meter thingy or the genie lamp! And, honestly, 20 woohoos isn't nearly as bad as you'd think. *has played it multiple times*

...Yeah, keep that dormie out of shots.
Aug. 8th, 2011 03:51 pm (UTC)
LOL, yes, Jan was always staring at her portrait. Especially after she became an elder. I guess she was longing for the glory days.

That was the other thing with Jan - even with all her nice points, she never struck me as a nice person. She did the automous nice activities that I expect from nice Sims. That also contributed to her character development.

I'm glad it makes sense. She was fine in-game, but a pain to write. I'm glad that's over with.

Cyrus is already perma-plat via the lifetime aspiration thing (the joys of rebuilds). I've done 20 whoohoos before, but I'm not doing it for a spare.

Bad dormie. I may cheat her a more covered outfit.
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