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Spares, picspam, and updates

The great thing about holidays is that you have time off from work.  For me, free time = simming time.  So the good news is that I got a lot of playing done over my Christmas break.  But that also means that I have lots of photos to go through and a new chapter to write up.

As I mentioned earlier, the spares and their families won't always be featured in the main story.  I had some great photos from Sophia Thompson's wedding that I wanted to share.  Remember: John & Chris Bradford ->Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Sophia.

Sophia is marrying Jimmy Phoenix, one of the University premades.

Aren't they a lovely couple?  The new Mr. and Mrs. Phoenix are residining in downtown Portsimouth where Jimmy is pursuing a career in law.  They got married in Portsimouth Cathedral, because you know that Nicole would want her daughter to have a big, fancy wedding.

That is one of the few smiles I've seen on Nicoles face.  And the ONLY time I've seen her roll a family related want (relative gets married).  She's supposed to have a secondary aspiration of family!  I don't believe it.  And the guy is Randy London, Rhoda's husband.  He just wandered onto the lot and joined the wedding party.

Ah, Phineas.  Ever the proud father.  He's very happy with his daughter's match.

Even Uncle Isaiah decided to join the party.

And not to be outdone, Richard Thompson has found himself a bride-to be.  (Richard is Sophia's younger brother).

The lovely young lady is Renee Johnson, one of the vacation townies.  Both are family sims, so they won't be happy with me when I don't let them have more than a few kids.

I have played enough to have all the photos I need for Chapter 4 and then some.  This is a difficult chapter to write.  As you know, I'm basing my legacy loosely on the history of the United States.  I managed to gloss over the whole Revolutionary War, but now I'm into the Civil War era.  I wanted to include some historical tidbits in this chapter, which means brushing up on my history (my 11th grade US History teacher would be so proud).

I'm a little nervous about the direction I'm taking with this chapter.  I hope to have it up by the end of the week, and I'll be interested to see what everyone else thinks of where I'm taking generation 3.
Tags: character: isaiah, character: jimmy, character: nicole, character: phineas, character: randy, character: renee, character: richard, character: sophia, family: phoenixes, family: thompsons, generation: 3, picspam: bradford legacy c04, story: bradford legacy
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