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*Hangs Head in Shame*

I've been working on my legacy.

Scratch that.  I've been working on the storyline for generation 7, which hasn't even been born yet.  As much as I'm excited for what I've got planned for James and Co., plot bunnies hit me and I had to sketch a few things out.  Of course, that is rather difficult when you don't even know the cast of characters.
Generation 7 will be the World War II generation.  Some of the plots that I've worked on come from stories my grandmother told me.  She was a senior in college when the Japanesse bombed Pearl Harbor (coinsidently, her birthday was Decemeber 7, so that year was not a Happy Birthday).  Some of the plots come from historical fiction I've read about the period (Memoirs of a Geisha, anyone?).  As I said, since I don't know who I'll have to fill the various roles, the storylines are still very vague.

Of course, this has led to a downloading spree.  The citizens of Takemizu Village now are sporting appropriate hairdos and clothes, and, in the case of the ladies, makeup.  I have military uniforms.  But there's on thing that I would like/need that I can't find.

I need a nurse's uniform.  And darn it, I can't find one.  My recent forays into hair recoloring have led me to believe that I might be able to do something, as it's a rather simple dress.  I've found a mesh I like, and I played at recoloroing it today but wasn't happy.  I may request it somewhere, as I'm thinking it may be beyond my skills.

I'm hoping I can get some writing done over the weekend.  Going up to Maine, where there is no interwebs to distract me, so here's hoping.  I do have a list of key scenes that I need to write, and one of them is 90% done.

That is all.  To my fellow Americans, enjoy the long holiday weekend!

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