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Chapter 22 Picspam: Spares

As I took a bunch of pics for this chapter *cough900cough*, I’m going to break the picspam up into 3 parts again. First up, enjoy stuff from the spare households that have dropped out of the storyline.

Gavigan Manor

Only one picture from here, because only one thing of note took place.
Cordelia and Harris got married. I’m getting so lazy with the spare households that I didn’t even invite Erika and William Eldon over. Heck, I didn’t even take any pictures in their house. That’s how lazy I’m getting with these spares.

Thompson House
I did a little better here. First, Gretchin died.

So few members of generation 4 left. Sigh.

Pretty morning picture.

I love how the lighting mod makes the mornings looks. Especially with my redheads.

And then Sally and Juan grew up.

Bad elder outfits, but I’ve seen worse.

Much nicer after a makeover.

Turner House
Sadly, I got sick of playing this house. After Patrick died, I lost interest in them. So, they were victums of the Simmish Influenza epidemic.

So they are no more. It’s one less household to play.

Phoenix Family
So, what do you do when two Romance Sims need an aspiration boost?

Why, send them out for a little public woohoo, of course?

Then, Pierce and Muriel got married.

Yeah, Alonzo, I know that she’s not exactly a looker, but she and Pierce like each other.

Scary close-ups:

Gah, Muriel got the worst of the Gavigan genetics.

So they got married.

And Myrtle watched from inside the house on the stairs. *facepalm*

Pasang House

One pic.

Orson went to college. That’s all.

Lawrence Alcotts
So, more of generation 5 became elders.

GAH! Why did EAxis not give us any decent elder clothing.

La Shawn looks better with a makeover. I guess I didn’t get a picture of Maurice in his new outfit. It’s an improvement. Trust me.

Menon House
Again, one pic because they’d all be variations on this one:

Romance sims. Ugh.

Simself House
I’m only showing this because I’m excited that my Simself can have a haircut that similar to my real one and have it be historically accurate.

Horary to the flappers for chopping off their hair! She’s also pretty excited that pants can be worn again. Have to wait a few more generations for jeans, though.

We had six members of generation 6 go off to college this rotation.

Orson Pasang

Ivy Thompson They were paired off a while ago. so it was time to make things more official.

Aw. So sweet.

Also heading off to college:

Silas Alcott

Katherine Bui, the formerly teen townie that he’ll be marrying.

Georgianna Simself, my Sim!daughter via the Grim Reaper

And Cyrus Bradford, the car-obsessed spare that will be marrying Georgianna.

So that’s all of the spares and such. Watch for the main families picspam in 2 parts upcoming.
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