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Myshuno Prompt: First day of school

Name: Choices
Characters: Cyrus, Silas Alcott
Rating: Everyone
Summary: Cyrus is faced with a tough decision
Notes: Canon.  Will not be appearing in a future update. 
Word Count: 542

My Card
Cyrus whistled to himself as he searched his bookshelf for his brand-new geometry textbook.  He had purchased it just yesterday, when he’d arrived on campus to start his freshman year at SimHarvard.  His first class was in an hour, and the math building was all the way across campus from where his dormitory was, and he didn’t want to be late.  He located the text, grabbed his notebook and pencil, and headed out the door of his room.
As he paused to lock the door behind him, a voice called out his name.  He looked up to see Silas Alcott, his cousin of some degree to the somthingth removed, wearing a big grin.
“What’s shaking?” Cyrus asked. 
“You, me, Simway Park, and a baseball game.  What do you say?”
Cyrus wanted nothing more than to nod his agreement, toss his school things back into the room, and join Silas at the ball park.  “I can’t, man.  I got class this afternoon.”
“Cyrus, they’re planning their rivals from New Sim City!”
Cyrus groaned.  He really wanted to go to the game now.  Could he manage it?  If he read the first few chapters of the book, could he keep up in class?
“Cyrus?  You in or out?  We need to ankle if we’re going to make first pitch.”
“Yeah, hold on a sec,” Cyrus replied as he unlocked his door.  As he went to put his books down on his desk, the calendar hanging on his wall caught his eye.  He had, on the way to purchasing his books yesterday, made a detour to the Ford dealership in the city.  He had ogled the brand new, shiny cars on the lot, trying to decide which one to talk his father into buying him at graduation.  The salesman had been very kind and patient, answering all Cyrus’ questions about the latest models.  He’d even offered Cyrus the opportunity to pick up a few bucks by washing the cars on the lots on weekends, an opportunity that Cyrus readily accepted.  The salesman had handed him a calendar, with photographs of different Ford cars for each month.  Cyrus had hung it up on the wall over his desk as a visible reminder to himself what he was working towards.
Cyrus’ shoulders dropped, and he shook his head.  He had to go to class.  There would be other ballgames.
“You’re not coming,” Silas stated when Cyrus emerged from his room with his books.
“I don’t dare, man.  James had this professor, and he cuts you off the roster if you don’t show up for the first class.  I need geometry if I want to study architecture.  Another time?”
“Yeah.  Tough break, man.”
Silas and Cyrus walked out of their dormitory, parting ways at the bottom of the front steps.  After a few steps, Cyrus paused and turned.
“Silas?  Want to come with me and Georgianna to James’ club tonight?  He said I should bring friends by when I came.”
“Sounds good.  See you later.”

Cyrus began the long walk across campus, starting to whistle again.  He had made the right choice, even thought it hadn’t been easy.  And he was damn happy that he had that calendar hanging on his wall.  It has already served its purpose.

Tags: challenge: myshuno! 2011, character: cyrus, character: silas, generation: 6, prompt responce: writing, prompt: simspiration
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