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Chapter 22 Picspam – Main Families Part 1

Because I’m hoping writing about pictures will help me get ideas for my Myshuno prompts, you get more picspam. This time around, you get to see what happened during the summer rotation to the families other than the Bradfords that were featured in Chapter 22. This includes the Langeraks, Hutchins/Thayers, Seiffs, and Robert Alcotts. Enjoy!

Langerak Homestead

Isaac Thompson, Lenora’s father, passed this rotation as well. He and Alex were actually supposed to go on the same day, but I used the Simblender to have Isaac go a day early. He was already permaplat, and I didn’t want him around messing up any potential shots I needed for Alex’s death scene.

So he’s gone. And people were sad, as they tend to be.

And then, Alex’s last day came around.

I think Kaylynn knew it somehow. These two have been great together.

Alex, of course, still has a mind of his own.

Alex, that’s your son’s wife. Not appropriate.

Guess who walked all the way to Simta Fe?

Aw, Phily. I can’t believe how much she’s going to outlive him by. Like almost a sim week.

And then, I made sure Alex got to say goodbye to the rest of the family.


And then, it was over.

More :(

This is the picture that really helped me shape Lenora’s character:

She just looks so indifferent to the whole situation, and she looks like this all the time. So she became a snobby woman who wanted to move her family to a more refined location.

Hutchins Manor

From here on out, Thayer Manor will be referred to as Hutchins Manor, since it would have passed to Jane and Victor upon Meadow’s death.

I have a confession to make. Alex actually died before Meadow, but I thought it would make for a better story if Meadow went first and then Alex. So I fudged the storyline.

So, here’s how Meadow spent her last day.

Yep, almost entirely with Phily. These two were such a great pair. When and if I write another legacy or story, these two are TOTALLY popping up as side characters.

Of course, after losing the love of her life, Phily was pretty depressed for the next day.

I have no idea why Victor’s so pissed, but darn, he makes good faces.

I really did have the Langeraks move in for a few days, mostly because it made it easier to get the photos I needed. During the time, I really came to like Mildred.

One, because she really is fairly shy, even though she has 9 outgoing points. That, and she’s really striking looking. A lot like Kaylynn, but softer somehow.

Then of course, there was the plotline that brought her and Raymond together.

To me, it made perfect sense for two people with questionable parentage in their background to get together. And they’re adorable together.

The homework coalition:

This was an almost daily occurrence.

So what happened while everyone was under the same roof?

Everyone got to know each other a little better.

One last thing:

Even after I put stuff in Peter’s inventory to compensate for the cash they brought when they moved in, the Hutchins still have a ton of money. So I built them a pool. As it was summer, everyone had a blast playing in it.

Seiff House

Have I mentioned that Taddy doesn’t have a lot of neat points?

This occurred far too often. Somehow, though, he ever got sick from it.

Taddy and Calla engagement spam.

I just missed it, but Taddy’s engagement ring over his head was red too. Romance Sims.

I took this picture as a reminder to myself to remove this dress from my DL folder.

It’s one of the ones from the Sims 2 Store that I “acquired” from MATY.

I set up for the wedding before Taddy got home from college.

Jason and Lizzie decided to classic dance here, and it made a pretty picture.

So Taddy had the fear to Get Married to Calla, and his aspiration wasn’t the best. I needed to get it up before the wedding the next day, so…

The cheerleader, who he was already friend with, provided needed aspiration points. And the fear to Get Engaged to WhateverHerNameIs knocked out the marriage fear.

This is what happens whenever Taddy and Calla are anywhere near each other.

Heartfarts galore.

Begin wedding spam.

End wedding spam.

I have an odd glitch.

Some people turn around to applaud the wedding. I can’t figure out what’s going on. Anyone have any ideas?

Proof Romance Sims are still Romance:

Twin red wedding rings. Beautiful. But no fears, so no aspiration fail.

I knew that kids could get embarrassed by their parents getting romantic, but:

I had no idea that parents could get embarrassed by what their kids do. This is what Lizzie did after Taddy and Calla started making out after the ceremony.

What else goes on in the Seiff house?

Lizzie still loves her gardening.

Calla slept. I got a lullaby on the first try with them, and Calla had a rough first day of being pregnant. Sleep, puke, drink something from the juicer, repeat.

Oh, and the kitchen got set on fire. By whom?

Taddy! I know you’re trying to help your wife out by cooking her dinner, but I don’t think she wants to have anything burned right now.

So his punishment was to eat what he cooked.

Oh, and we had burglar. Lovely. And the cop didn’t get him. Just what I needed, Calla getting woken up. I’m amazed she passed out or starved to death yet.

Of course, it’s hard to be fed up with them when they look like this. I’m very curious to see what kind of genetics this baby gets.

Robert Alcotts House

I mentioned that I did a hair revamp. So some of my Sims ended up with different cuts when I opened their houses. Most I changed back without questions. One, though, made me hesitate.

If George didn’t have curly hair, I would totally have left him with this cut. It looks perfect on him. (For those that read Di’s Victorian legacy, it’s the hair that Eddie has.)

Luckily, George likes having his old cut back.

He and Melanie really do like each other. And they’re cute together.

Sterling and Viola engagement spam.

Red engagement rings reminds us that Viola is Romance, but she did roll the want for it.

Wedding spam.

End wedding spam. More red rings for Viola, but she wanted to get married. And have I mentioned that I LOVE how Viola looked at her wedding? Perhaps even more so than Cindy.

Jefferson and George are still good friends.

I think they’re pretty excited that their kids got married to each other.

Not to be outdone:

Marsha and Melanie had a civil conversation. I think they were talking about Three Lakes, as both of them have been there.

I am so glad I got the cuddling interaction back when I removed the outdated hack. I had no idea how much I missed it until this generation.

Melanie and Viola are getting along just fine.

They’re friends, and on their way to being best friends.

At last, harmony in the household.

Sterling and Melanie getting along, and Viola painting.

So that’s it for this round. I still have a bunch of pictures from the main house that I’ll get up soon.
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