SilverBelle (silverbelle1220) wrote,

Birth Announcements

Three more houses played, three more babies to show off.

This is Nancy Phoenix, daughter of Muriel and Peirce Phoenix.  She is an Aries (7/9/9/3/1), and her predestined hobby is Sports.

This is Rosalie Seiff, daughter of Calla and Taddy Seiff.  She is a Sagittarius (3/4/9/10/1), and her predestined hobby is Games.

And last, we have Shirley Alcott, daughter of Viola and Sterling Alcott.  She is another Aries (7/9/9/3/1), and her predestined hobby is Sports.
Lots of very mean Sims running around.  This generation should be fun. 

I will not have a chance to play the main house until early next week, as I'm not home this weekend.  :(  I can't wait to see if I have my heir yet or not.
Tags: character: nancy, character: rosalie, character: shirley, generation: 7, spoilers: aging up, spoilers: babies!
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